Giant Waterspout Touches Land and Destroys Home on Smith Island

A waterspout caused significant damage when it came ashore on Smith Island, Maryland, on August 4, officials said.

Katherine Donaway posted video showing the waterspout touching ground and destroying a neighboring house.

Donaway told Storyful that she started recording the waterspout assuming it “disappear like they usually do.”

“Waterspouts usually just stay in the bay. I’ve seen five lined up but within a minute or two they’re gone. Never thought a tornado would hit little Smith Island,” she added.

The National Weather Service issued a special marine warning for Chesapeake Bay and Tangier on Thursday evening.

Maryland Gov Larry Hogan said emergency management teams were tracking damage from the storms, which caused more than 50,000 power outages across the state. Credit: Katherine Donaway via Storyful

Video transcript

KATHERINE DONAWAY: That is a huge waterspout. Look how big that is. It's just come across the island. And now, it's in the--

Let's get ready to hit the channel. It's in the channel. Oh gosh. Oh, lord.

- [MUTED] Jesus Christ.

- Oh my--

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