Giants-Patriots Super Bowl Could Set Ratings Record

The final contest in the National Football League (NFL) has a chance for super ratings. On February 05, 2012, the New York Giants will face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. The event could set a new television ratings record for a Super Bowl. Here is why.

New York, New York

The Giants play for the largest city in the United States. There are over eight million people living in New York City, more than double the population of the next largest city Los Angeles, CA. New York also has the largest media market in the country. With a huge fan base and plenty of publicity, there will be lots of fans tuned in to the game.

Boston-New York Rivalry

The cities of Boston and New York form one of the greatest sports rivalries in North America. The intensity and passion among these fans will add another interesting element to the Super Bowl. Just look at Major League Baseball for proof. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox set television ratings records when they play each other.

Super Rematch

Four years ago, the Giants and Patriots faced off in Super Bowl XLII. The Giants upset the heavily favored Patriots. Prior to the game, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady scoffed at the notion that the Patriots would only muster 17 points. The Giants held the Patriots to 14 points and made Brady eat his words. Brady is still bothered by losing that Super Bowl. But now Brady and the Patriots have a chance to redeem themselves. The rematch angle will be another interesting storyline leading up to this Super Bowl.

High Ratings Already

Plenty of fans have been watching the Giants and Patriots already. The AFC and NFC Championship games drew huge ratings. When the Giants and Patriots faced off in Super Bowl XLII, they set a new television ratings record for a Super Bowl. They can certainly do that again in this Super Bowl.

Close Match-up

This is going to be a close game. The Patriots are currently favored by three points. When the two teams met in Week 9 of the regular season, the Giants won a close 24-20 game. This Super Bowl will be another close, intriguing contest between the two teams. That will keep people tuned in.

Super Bowl XLVI will be another exciting game between the Giants and Patriots. There are plenty of interesting storylines. NFL fans have already tuned in. A record number of them could tune in on February 05.

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