Gibraltar reaps rewards of UK jab success as complete vaccination nears

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As more than 600 people are vaccinated every day in Gibraltar, the British overseas territory next to Spain is benefitting from the UK’s vaccine rollout, by far the fastest in Europe. Over the coming days it will become the first territory in the world where all residents over 16 who wanted a jab have got one. FRANCE 24 reports.

Gibraltar has not had a single person hospitalised with Covid-19 since its vaccination rollout began on January 10 – and now the British territory has lifted the requirement to wear a mask outside.

The vaccination programme proceeded rapidly on the Rock, as Gibraltar is nicknamed, with 90 percent of its 35,000 residents receiving at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab.

“Most of my friends have been vaccinated,” said 21-year-old Gibraltar resident Julian Avellano. “It's a privilege that we don't want to miss out on!”

To protect the health of the Gibraltar population, the authorities are also vaccinating some 15,000 Spaniards who work there.

“We’re very grateful for that because, if we had to wait to be vaccinated in Spain, we would have had to wait at least until the summer,” said one such worker, Vanessa Nieto.

Thanks to the EU's troubled jab procurement programme, Spain had given out a vaccine dose to just 10.89 percent of its population by March 30 – compared to 45.53 percent in the UK.

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