Gigi Hadid Is Moving In With Zayn Malik

They’ve only been together for five minutes but things are reportedly so serious for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid that the supermodel is planning on giving up her life in New York to live with the former One Direction star.

N'aww, young love.

A source has claimed that after five months of dating Gigi is struggling to be apart from Zayn and is ready to bite the bullet and move to Los Angeles in a bid to be with him all the time.

Well, to be fair, who could blame her?

The insider explained: “Zayn wants Gigi to move in with him and she says she now feels 100 per cent ready.

"She loves her New York City apartment and wanted to be sure Zayn was serious before moving to LA, but she’s madly in love with him and can’t stand to be apart so she knows it’s the right move.”

Thankfully the 20-year-old’s mum, Yolanda Foster, has given her decision the seal of approval, with the source adding to Closer magazine: “Zayn has introduced her to his entire family and already told her she’s The One.

"Gigi’s mum has told them she’ll help decorate so Gigi can put her own stamp on it and feel it’s not just Zayn’s home.

"Zayn never expected his solo career to take off like this and he’s overwhelmed with the success he’s having in the US.

"He wants to settle in America and has made it clear to Gigi that he wants to make a life with her and sees her in his future.”

Well, good luck to them we suppose and we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed for an invite the the housewarming party!