Gina Miller raises £150,000 in 24 hours for general election tactical voting campaign

Tom Batchelor
Gina Miller's campaign started off with a target to raise £10,000 but quickly exceeded it: AFP

Pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller has raised more than £150,000 for her campaign to launch the “biggest tactical voting drive ever and stop extreme Brexit”.

Ms Miller, who took the Government to court to force it to seek the approval of MPs before triggering Article 50, said the money would be used to fund candidates from all parties standing in the 8 June election who “campaign for a final vote on Brexit, including rejecting any deal that leaves Britain worse off”.

Donations totaling more than £152,000 had been pledged by more than 5,400 people on Thursday afternoon - just a day after the appeal was launched.

Individual pledges ranged from £5 to £200. One donor who offered £100 to Ms Miller’s campaign said the movement was a “ray of hope and possibility in a grim political landscape”.

Another wrote alongside a £20 donation: “Make June the end of May!”

Ms Miller said her movement would tour marginal seats before the general election to “make sure the next Government has no mandate to destroy our rights and our relationship with Europe”.

“Together we can help deliver the most significant tactical vote this country has ever seen,” Ms Miller wrote on her crowdfunding page.

Best for Britain, which will formally launch next Wednesday at an event in London, has also secured large donations from other individuals opposed to a hard Brexit.

Ms Miller said there hadn’t been time to organise “a formal progressive alliance”, so “we have to do what we can in the time available. We need to re-energise people about the importance of voting tactically.”

After defeating the government at the Supreme Court Ms Miller was subjected to barrage of abuse, along with her fellow claimants.

She said she was “shocked” at the level of personal abuse she had received and called for those in “positions of power” to do more.