Gina Seddon bonds with Kevin Webster on Coronation Street

Connie Hyde has hinted at a deepening relationship between her character and Kevin Webster in the aftermath of painful accusations.

Gina Seddon has been trying desperately to reconcile with her sister, Sally Metcalfe, after becoming embroiled with her husband.

Hyde said that since being accused of stealing money meant for Sally’s party, when the funds went missing, she has been isolated on the Street.

Only Kevin Webster, Sally’s ex-husband, has attempted to reach out to the lonely and suffering Gina. He also explained that he had taken the money by accident.

Hyde said of his intervention: “She’s incredibly relieved, she’s been dealing with a barrage of horrible thoughts, she felt so betrayed by people, that nobody stood by her.

British Soap Awards 2016 – London
Sally Dynevor plays Sally Metcalfe in the soap. (Matt Crossick/PA)

“She feels very isolated, she doesn’t feel like she’s got any friends as well as losing her sister.

“She’s incredibly thankful to him, she’s known Kevin for a long time and she’s also been through Sally hurting him too so they are very good friends. She stood by him when Jack was in hospital after the sepsis, they’re close, so it means a lot to her.”

Despite the growing closeness, Hyde said: “Her main priority is to get her sister back.”