Ginny and Georgia's ending, explained

antonia gentry, brianne howey ginny and georgia season 2
Ginny and Georgia s2's ending, explained Netflix

Ginny and Georgia season 2 spoilers follow.

Georgia's done a lot of growing this season. Yes Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey), the murdering mum with a superb knack for wheeling and dealing. That Georgia.

Credit where credit's due, she has learnt to (marginally) respect her children's boundaries and give healthy healthier parental advice. She's even gone to therapy. Albeit she did hijack Ginny's session and it was only the once but she did it and the effects seem to have been somewhat lasting.

She makes plenty of grade-A attempts to turn over a new leaf when she learns about Ginny's self-harm.

Although none of this growth stops her from smoking pot with her daughter's boyfriend…no, wait… ex-boyfriend… no, wait…friend? Marcus (Felix Mallard). Or attempting to manipulate Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich) while she struggles with her vegetative husband's fatal prognosis.

Then there's also the murder thing. We're talking fresh, new blood on Georgia's hands when she adds to her roster of victims by killing off a fellow Wellsbury local.

Yeah, she's been pretty busy this season trying to keep her secrets from bursting at the seams, no change there. Except for the fact that it's not just a private investigator threatening to expose her this time.

Austin's father Gil (Aaron Ashmore) is back on the scene and he's ready to spill all her tea if she doesn't pay up from fiancé Paul's wallet.

Disaster unfolds in the most Georgia-style way in the Ginny and Georgia season two finale. The Bride doesn't manage to keep a lid on her mounting indiscretions and the fallout is pretty severe.

That said Georgia is skilled at worming her way out of the diciest situations, surely there's a fix for this…

Let's break down what happened in the final episode.

Ginny and Georgia season 2's ending explained

diesel la torraca, brianne howey, ginny georgia season 2

Georgia wasn't exaggerating when she said Gil was a bad guy and this season we find out just how terrible Austin's dad really is.

The extent of Gil's abusive and controlling mistreatment of Georgia comes to light during flashbacks and he's still up to his old tricks.

Fresh out of prison, Gil begins threatening to expose Georgia's criminal past unless she compensates him greatly for getting him banged up. By compensate, we mean he is 100% blackmailing her for a slice of Paul's family's fortune.

Things bubble to boiling point in the penultimate episode when Gil gets violent with Georgia and Austin (Diesel La Torraca) shoots him in the arm in his efforts to protect his mum.

All this pressure triggers Georgia's fight-or-flight response and she decides the Miller clan has outstayed their welcome in Wellsbury.

Georgia begins to secretly put plans in motion for her and her children to skip town ahead of her wedding the next day but Ginny knows all the tell-tell signs and confronts her mother.

brianne howey, ginny georgia season 2

Georgia explains that they must go to protect Paul (Scott Porter) from an irrational, unstable Gil and the drama she brings, but Ginny calls BS when she tells her mum she's scared of feeling like she doesn't deserve happiness and scared of letting someone love her.

After some cajoling Georgia confesses to feeling like a fraud, a phoney, an unlovable, "not normal" person who has conned her way into this life and who doesn't belong. She admits not wanting to drag Paul down.

Cue Ginny with the pep talk. She encourages Georgia to tell Paul about her cupboard full of skeletons and to trust him with her past.

Well not all of it, he is the mayor and she's not stupid but Georgia coming clean and being accepted for who she is will prove she's worthy of the life she's created for them.

Their after-school-special heart-to-heart works. Georgia tells Paul about her ugly past but her rap sheet is long, even without the triple murders.

We won't list all her misdemeanours, just the frosting layer on the cake.

scott porter , ginny georgia season 2

She reveals to Paul that she framed Gil for embezzlement to get shot of him (to be clear he was already embezzling; she just got him caught). That she was the one to open up the credit cards in Ginny and Austin's names which she then used to provide for them all along with the money that she stole and framed Gil for. Stole from work but returned the money, so yay for honesty.

She then goes for broke and opens up about Nick's 'boyfriend "Jesse" aka Gabriel (Alex Mallari Jr) the PI investigating her involvement in the death of her ex-husband Kenny.

She drives home her confession speech by coming clean about Gil's intention to blackmail her once she is married to Paul and has access to his family's money.

"I've been a hustler and a criminal my whole life," she admits and the blow is A LOT for clean-cut Paul to take.

He leaves to think but then call's Georgia into the office the next day to talk. Georgia goes to him expecting to be arrested but instead Paul introduces her to his attorney.

Unexpectedly, Gil is the next to arrive and what goes down was not what Georgia was expecting. Paul accuses Gil of harassing Georgia and threatens to call his parole officer unless he backs off.

He gives his 'I'm Paul Randolf, I am the mayor and you are in my town' speech which is actually pretty hot. Not-knock-Zion-off-his-pedestal hot but steamy in an authoritative kind of way.

Gil is swiftly informed that he will not be getting any of the Randolphs' money (not today sir) not even after they're married, because yes, those wedding bells are ringing loudly.

Not one to take this lightly, Gil threatens to fight for custody of Austin but Paul is prepped for this because he's the mayor and this is his town, remember?

Paul informs Gil right back that this course of action will not go so well for him, all the while his attorney, Perry, looms silently in his corner like a well-trained bloodhound.

It's not long before Gil is ushered out and Paul proceeds to give a rousing speech about how he can't live without Georgia.

ginny georgia season 2

The wedding is now on and the Millers make merry but of course nothing runs that smoothly, Georgia's life thrives on chaos after all.

Gabriel had planned to leave Wellsbury and give up his quest for taking down Georgia until Nick let slip that Georgia was present when Cynthia's husband Tom died.

This new bone of information has given Gabriel something to chew on. Enough it seems to really pursue Georgia. He confesses his true identity to Nick along with the truth about Georgia.

Meanwhile Georgia is heading for the aisle and it seems that third time's the charm because she finally gets her dream wedding and it's beautiful.

During their man and wife dance, Georgia internally admits that nothing scares her like being happy, because if you're happy you have something to lose.

Well Georgia, you should be straight-up terrified.

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Her dazzling moment is spoiled by the arrival of Gabriel who is flanked by the police. They arrest Georgia for the murder of Tom Fuller, which is pretty bad (though Paul is steadfast in his support).

This is a shock for Ginny who thought they had no more murderous secrets between mother and daughter so obviously this can't be true right? Wrong.

When the truth about Tom comes out a distressed Austin turns to Ginny and says that he didn't tell anyone about seeing mummy-dearest snuff out Tom thus inadvertently confirming Georgia's third murder.

What does Tom's death mean for Ginny and Georgia's relationship?

antonia gentry, brianne howey ginny and georgia season 2

Of all the murders this one has the potential to devastate Ginny the most. She believed that she was all caught up with Georgia's murders. Just the two, no big deal or so she'd come to accept. However this latest murder is different.

Gabriel had cautioned Ginny from guarding her mother's deadly secrets telling her that if she continued to do so she would be responsible for the next death too.

His words of warning stuck with Ginny who had been having a hard time with Kenny's death. Georgia crossed off Kenny to protect Ginny from being sexually assaulted like she was as a child and Ginny has carried that guilt with her since finding out, accelerating her self harming.

Having finally come to terms with her mother's warped idea of protection she was able to move passed Kenny's death but now she likely feels betrayed by Tom's.

ginny georgia season 2

In fairness to Georgia she was motivated by compassion. She was trying to help Cynthia and her son who by Cynthia's own admission were struggling with Tom's slow and seemingly inevitable death.

In a booze-sozzled moment Cynthia wished he'd just move on so that they could escape the grief of watching him die in this traumatic way.

Sadly Georgia's merciful intentions are unlikely to save her frail relationship with Ginny who is hurt and racked with guilt. She now feels culpable for Georgia's actions and in a way that running away will not fix. Not this time.

Do Ginny and Marcus get together?

felix mallard, antonia gentry, ginny georgia season 2

The will they won't they saga of Ginny and Georgia is teen-show agony.

The two have flip-flopped in and out of situationship for so long. Is there even any hope that these messed-up lovebirds will get it together long enough to get it together?

In short, yes and no, so maybe? This season saw them step it up in the romance department becoming official BF and GF.

They were so loved up they may as well have worn 'I heart Ginny/Marcus' jumpers. However while Ginny worked hard on tackling her declining mental health which manifested through self-harming behaviours, Marcus succumbed to his depression becoming more and more withdrawn.

antonia gentry, felix mallard, ginny georgia season 2

In the end he pulls away from Ginny telling her he can't be with anyone.

The words 'it's not you, it's me,' literally couldn't be more pure than they are now but Ginny is too overwhelmed by the loss of her first love and feelings of rejection to hear it.

Eventually she comes round after Max (Sara Waisglass) reveals that her twin brother suffers really badly with his mental health.

Despite the rawness of their breakup Ginny commits to being there for Marcus as a friend. No, sorry, we mean as his bro.

Ginny and Georgia is now available to watch on Netflix.

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