Giovanna And Tom Fletcher Under Fire For Putting 'Girls' Trainers' On Son Buzz

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Despite the fact we live in 2016, fabulous parents Giovanna and Tom Fletcher have found themselves under fire after Gi took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her two-year-old son Buzz’s new trainers.

Innocent enough, right?

Well, not to the Internet army with many trolls taking to their own accounts to comment on the snap and criticize the mum-of-two for putting “girls’ trainers” on a boy.

What is going on with the world, eh?

Gi uploaded the photo alongside the caption: “Colourful shoe game today from Buzz! Thanks auntie Giorgie and Uncle Chickpea! Xxx” and although she quickly racked up over 23,000 likes she probably wasn’t prepared for some of the nasty comments.

Cruel followers quipped that the pink laces were “highly embarrassing” for a boy, and others claimed that they shouldn’t be putting their son in “girls’ shoes”.


However, fans were thankfully quick to jump to the Fletchers’ defence, with one quite rightly responding to a troll who’d commented on the pink patches: “Does that matter?”

Others added: “They’re colourful shoes, boys and girls have the same feet. Get over it. Nothing 'girls’ about them.”

“2016 and people still talking about 'girls shows’? Come onnn, why can’t they just be 'cool’ ones?”

We couldn’t agree more.

Tom and Gi have ignored the backlash, and rightly so - we reckon Buzz’s new kicks are adorable.

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