Giovanna Fletcher Shares Empowering Breastfeeding Message: 'We Don't Need Breastfeeding Warriors Or Disgusted Boob-Snobs'

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Breastfeeding Week - an event that will no doubt spark debate and controversy up and down the country because, in 2016, some people still can’t wrap their heads around the fact that breastfeeding an infant isn’t something that should be done hidden in the toilets.

Likewise, there are also those people who chastise a woman’s choice not to breastfeed their baby.

In short, talking about breastfeeding can be an absolute minefield.

Which is why we were so grateful to see author and parenting-extraordinaire Giovanna Fletcher take down breastfeeding critics in an empowering Instagram post, basically reminding people that we should all learn to “live and let live”.

Sharing a photo of breastfeeding products, the mum-of-two passionately wrote: “It’s National Breastfeeding Week! Here’s a pile of the products that continue to make my breastfeeding journey just that little bit easier - from pumping to soothing, storing to sterilising.

"Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone so don’t be feeling guilty if you can’t or don’t want to. That’s fine! Likewise if you are or do want to don’t be put off by a few plonkers saying negative things about your decision.

"In my late teens/early twenties I flaunted my babalons in low cut tops and loved it. Now I try and hide them away so I can discreetly breastfeed my baby and respect other’s opinions (plus I don’t want people looking at my boobs anyway). That’s my choice. I’m proud of it.

"We don’t need to be breastfeeding warriors or disgusted boob-snobs. Just live and let live… After all, a little bit of spilt milk never killed anyone. xx #nationalbreastfeedingweek #ihaveboobs #getoverit”.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Gi.

Now, isn’t it time we all learned to get along?

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