Girl at One Direction concert 'screamed so hard her lungs collapsed'

One Direction fans are a famously devoted lot – with an Australian fan once paying $100,000 for a piece of toast spat out by Niall Horan on live TV.

But even so, one girl in Texas took her devotion to the boy band to the next level, doctors believe – by screaming until her lungs actually collapsed at a 1D gig.

The 16-year-old showed up at an emergency department feeling short of breath – and a doctor heard a crackling sound under her skin when he pressed fingers to her chest, according to the Journal of Emergency Medicine.


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Air had travelled into tissue under her skin, the doctors found – and her lungs had also slightly collapsed, Science Alert reports.

1D Rex

Lead doctor J. Mack Slaughter Jr. told LiveScience, ‘It’s possible that there’s a very small hole somewhere in the respiratory tract that would only open when enough force was applied (like screaming over your favourite band) but closed up again afterwards.’

Niall Horan . (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

The team reported, ‘After an uneventful period of observation with an unchanged repeat chest x-ray study, the patient was discharged the following day with no further visits for this problem.’