Girl, seven, killed by white Texas gunman in 'racially motivated' drive-by shooting

David Harding
Jazmine Barnes (Chris Cevilla/Gofundme)

A seven-year-old girl has been in a random drive-by shooting in the US.

Jazmine Barnes was gunned down as she was in a car with her mother and three sisters on Houston, Texas, said police.

Jazmine and her mother, LaPorsha Washington, were shot. A six-year-old daughter received injuries from broken glass

The seven-year-old subsequently died in the car’s backseat as a result of her wounds.

Police believe the family were targeted entirely at random and say they know of no motive for the attack.

They are looking for a bearded white man, thought to be in his 40s and wearing a red sweatshirt, according to Jazmine’s 15-year-old sister, who saw the man while the shooting took place.

Police could release a sketch of the suspect later today.

He was reportedly driving a red pick-up truck.

The man drove up beside the family and shot without any provocation in the incident which happened on Sunday morning.

We will not rest until an arrest is made. We are going to continue to search for this killer,’ said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

He admitted though that the search could be a long one as there were a lot of pick-up trucks in Texas.

The red pick-up truck was spotted on security camera footage (Harris County Police)

He added: ‘But when you put the pieces together, consider that we’re looking for a bearded man, possibly in his 40s, driving a red pick-up truck.

‘This could be your neighbour. This could be your co-worker.’

He also called on the gunman to turn himself in to avoid any further violence, amid fears that the incident could inflame racial tensions.

A sobbing LaPorsha Washington, who was shot in the arm, has spoken to local media KHOU 11 News, saying she had no idea why the attack took place.

I replayed this moment in my head over a million times to see – did I cut this man off?’ she said.

‘Did I make a wrong turn in front of him?” Did I do anything wrong to cause this man to fire shots at my car? I didn’t.

‘I didn’t do anything. He fired off at us for no reason.’

A civil rights attorney Lee Merritt and a social activist, Shaun King, have offered the equivalent of almost £40,000 as a reward for any information that will help capture the suspect.

Merritt claims the attacks was racially motivated.

‘We want to emphasize the racial nature of the attack and that hate-crime charges are appropriate,’ he told the Washington Post.