Girlfriend of Liverpool’s £85m new signing Darwin Nunez set to join him in UK

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Spaniard Lorena Manas (Instagram/ lorenaamanas)
Spaniard Lorena Manas (Instagram/ lorenaamanas)

This is the girlfriend of the new Liverpool striker fans are hoping will set the Premier League alight.

Spaniard Lorena Manas gave birth to her first child with Darwin Nunez, called Darwin like his father, in January.

Lorena met Nunez when he played for Almeria before signing for Benfica in September 2020 and cementing his reputation as a prolific goalscorer.

She posted an emotional message to her children earlier this year alongside a photo showing her in hospital alongside the Uruguayan international after giving birth to their first son and wrote: “I would like you to fall down many times and always get up because that would mean you live intensely and without fear.

“I would like you to be nice to those who are in an underprivileged situation and unforgiving with those who abuse others, that you have the courage to take your own decisions and that nobody marks out your path.”

Darwin, 22, confessed after signing for Benfica that he dedicates all his goals to his family including his girlfriend.

The frontman, expected to fly to the UK and seal his £85million move, calls them his “shelter.”

Some online reports have incorrectly claimed Ms Manas, who hails from Almeria in south-east Spain where she gave birth at the start of the year, is from Uruguay.

She got to know her partner’s homeland in March in a visit which coincided with an International game. Darwin wrote alongside a series of photos showing them together: “First time in Uruguay my love and I hope there will be many more. Thank you for so much. I love you.”

Ms Manas is said to have stayed on friendly terms with Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo from their time in Barcelona together when she was dating winger Aleix Vidal – with whom she has a seven year old daughter.

She is said to have split from Vidal, now with La Liga side Espanyol,  in the spring of 2018.

Darwin, who scored 34 goals in 41 games in the 2021-22 season, is expected to earn around £120,000-a-week at Liverpool.

His current lifestyle is a world away from his tough upbringing in a poor neighbourhood called El Pirata - Pirate in English - in the city of Artigas on Uruguay’s borders with Argentina and Brazil.

The footballer has admitted in interviews to going to bed hungry.

He said in one: “Yes, in solidarity I went to bed with my stomach empty but the person who went to bed with her belly empty most was my mum.

“She made sure my brother and I ate first. My mum used to go to bed without sitting with us at dinner time. I will never forget where I come from.” His mother is said to have to collected bottles she then sold for cash so her children could eat.

Darwin’s father worked in construction but earned very little. Uruguayan newspapers have called Darwin’s rise to the top of football as an “extraordinary story of overcoming adversity.”

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