Girls5eva’s Paul Pell Shares The Reaction From Queer Community About Her Character’s Story As A ‘Silver Fox Lez’

 Paula Pell in Girls5eva Season 3.
Paula Pell in Girls5eva Season 3.

Minor spoilers ahead for Girls5eva Season 3.

Over the past few years, there's been a ton of conversation about the power of representation in the media, and how validating it is to see one's self onscreen. That includes the LGBTQ+ community, who have been able to see more queer stories, even in campy comedies like Girls5eva (which can be streamed with a Netflix subscription). I had the privilege of speaking with the Girls5eva cast ahead of Season 3's release, where comedian/writer Paula Pell shared the reaction from the queer community about her character's story as a "silver fox lez."

Girls5eva is the latest show to be saved by Netflix after cancellation, as it was previously available with a Peacock subscription. Season 3 is streaming now, and follows as the titular group as they go on tour. While interviewing the four leading ladies of the series, I asked Paula Pell what the reception to her character Gloria has been like, especially for older queer women. As she told me:

I absolutely love when I talk to people about it that are older gay women. I know now when I watch shows and there’s some queer character I’m always saying– like I went to the Boygenius concert and I was saying ‘If Boygenius existed back when I was young and I went to that concert and they were literally like Elvis. Queer Elvises up there and everyone is going crazy for them. I don’t know if I would even be able to sort that in my brain because there was just no content.’ There were like two things you could look up and get video of. Not porn, I’m not talking about porn. But a VHS of Personal Best from the 70s was a movie about two women falling in love that were track stars. I have the original poster in my house. Those things were so rare.

She's got a point. While the past few years have had major steps forward regarding LGBTQ+ representation, there were generations of queer people who didn't have the privilege of seeing themselves onscreen. And as a queer woman herself, Paula Pell feels great to be that source for inclusion... even if its in a hilariously bonkers show like Girls5eva.

While the industry has taken steps forward regarding representation, there remains a long way to go. Part of why Paula Pell's character Gloria is so unique is because it's still rare stories about older LGBTQ+ folks to be told. Later in our conversation the SNL alum addressed this, and how Gloria is the character having the most romance during Season 3. As she put it:

But I’m looking now and I’m one of the four. These three friggin’ foxes that are younger, amazing gorgeous. I’m the one in the show that’s got the action this season. I’ve got a revolving door in my hotel rooms this season. It brings great joy and irony to how I’ve always lived in show business looking at content.

Season 3 of Girls5eva offers new songs, and takes the characters new places... literally. It's a delight to see Gloria as an open gay woman on tour, after being forced into the closet during the girl group's heyday. And hopefully we get to see more of her journey if/when Netflix renews the show for Season 4.

Girls5eva is streaming in its entirety on Netflix. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.