Glasgow 'caravan cottage' may have to be removed after council refuses plans

A caravan in a Glasgow garden may have to be removed after it was installed without permission.

The converted cottage-like home with cladding in Carmunnock was refused planning permission, a decision that was upheld this week after an appeal.

The cottage on private land may now have be taken away as council officials consider action.

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Applicant John Campbell transformed the caravan into a cottage for his father with has dementia and needed care.

He was unaware the home, which sits in greenbelt land on a site of importance to nature conservation, needed approval as it was small in size.

The caravan has UPVC windows and doors and was covered with roughcast to match Mr Campbell's nearby house on his private land at Kittoch Mill 94 Busby Road.

An appeal letter lodged on behalf of Mr Campbell said: "If the appeal is refused and the resulting enforcement action seen through then an 80-year-old man suffering from dementia will be forced to move from his bespoke home to alternative accommodation."

The statement from McMorran Architects pointed if the building was used as a summerhouse it would have been seen to be acceptable in planning terms. It pointed out how the structure is single storey and measured 38. 5 metres squared.

It added that the development "will not have any impact on the existing green network and certainly would not result in a fragmenting effect on the green network."

Considering the appeal, councillor Ken Andrew said: "This is difficult. Clearly there are social reasons why this static caravan has been made semi permanent for the care of a relative of the owner of the main house."

Pointing out he was conflicted about the decision, he added: "I certainly have a great deal of sympathy with the family trying to do this."

However he stated that the committee is charged with protecting the greenbelt and mentioned how Carmunnock was Glasgow's last remaining village.

Chair of the planning local review committee, councillor Andrew added: "I think we have to refuse this application. We are bound to protect the green belt. I have concerns what this potential building could be potentially be used for if it is no longer used for social care."

It was refused by the committee this week for a number of reasons including that it is contrary to NPF 4 policies and not in accordance with the development plan.

Among the reasons given for refusal is that "the proposal is contrary to CDP7: Natural Environment as the application does not provide evidence that there will be no impact on the Site of Importance for Nature Conservation, nor is the proposal of city wide importance which would offset the need for this justification."

Carmunnock Community Council objected to the proposal.

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