Glasgow cemetery in 'abandoned' state as locals complain they can't see graves any more

Residents in the Riddrie area of Glasgow have been left heartbroken due to the overgrown state of the local cemetery.

A video posted on social media on Sunday (May 26) shows grass shooting well above some of the headstones. Some of the graves were completely shrouded in greenery and could only be spotted as the videographer made their way closer.

The social media user wrote: "Riddrie cemetery now looks to be completely abandoned. The grass is so high you can no longer see the gravestones. Some of the grass is five feet tall. This makes for a very uneven surface so please be careful walking around on the grass.

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"Never seen the place look as bad as this in over 40 years. It’s so sad and especially for those who can no longer see their loved ones' graves."

Another resident added: "I walked around the [city centre] necropolis the other day and the cemetery also looked abandoned with the grass overgrown.

"Loads of tourists around. I felt embarrassed by the state of the place but also sad."

One concerned local added: "My husband’s parents are buried there and he reported and complained about this to the council ages ago."

Glasgow City Council have confirmed that they are aware of the grass and it is due to be cut over the weekend. The local authority state that due to the warm weather and downpours there has been a "growth spurt".

A council spokeswoman said: “The grass in Riddrie Cemetery is due to be cut on June 2.

“The combination of recent hot weather and heavy rain, has sparked a growth spurt and our teams are currently prioritising cuts on areas across the city, such as main road verges to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians. The grass in the cemetery will be cut within days.”

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