Glasgow crow filmed playing footie in 'preparation for the Euros' in viral video

A crow has been filmed playing with a ball in Glasgow with hundreds of commenters saying it's preparing for the Euros.

A video captured on June 4 in the Toryglen area of the city shows a crow playing footie as the camerawoman commentates saying it's "having a right good time".

The TikTok post received over one hundred comments with locals saying the bird is preparing for the Euros and that it was a footballer in its "past life".

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The crow caught playing football
The crow caught playing football -Credit:thegoodlifescotland/tiktok

The caption read: "Huv ye seen the likes?! A crow, playin wi a baw! Lol".

Speaking to Glasgow Live, the woman behind the video said: "On taking the dog out for a walk I noticed this crow playing with a ball repeatedly. After a minute or so I thought 'this crow is enjoying itself lol', so I thought I would film it.

"After the crow spotted us in the distance it stopped playing with the ball".

The video was quickly picked up by Glaswegians who found it hilarious. One witty user commented: "That's not just any crow, that's Crownaldo!", another wrote, "that boy needs to be signed up for a team!".

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