Glasgow family's holiday hell as Mexico hotel says 'no booking' on arrival for £8k trip

A Glasgow family's dream holiday to Mexico has been "ruined" after turning up at the hotel to discover they had "no booking".

Gerard Brodrick and his wife Natalie, from Riddrie, paid £8000 for a two-week stay at the Moon Palace in Cancun. The couple and their 11-year-old son Lennon booked the getaway after missing a previous family holiday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, when they arrived at the hotel on June 5, they were told that provider TUI had "failed to pay". The family were then transferred to a nearby hotel that cost half the price of their original booking.

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Gerard, 35, told the Record: "It has ruined our whole holiday and left it in tatters. When we arrived and were told there was no booking for us, I honestly thought my pals had paid Jeremy Beadle to wind me up and that he'd appear with a video camera - that is how bad this was.

"The staff were extremely rude and appeared to smirk at us and our situation. They told us that TUI had failed to pay for our booking and that if we wanted to stay, we'd have to pay in full - again.

"I couldn't believe it, we saved up 18 months for this. If we wanted to stay for the night, they were going to charge us $600."

The family debated with hotel staff for three hours before TUI moved them to another premises. But before a taxi came to collect them, Gerard claims security staff threatened to chuck the family out onto the streets - leaving his son "terrified".

He said: "At one point, they got three security guards to stand behind me and threatened to chuck us out if I continued to speak. My son was terrified, it's not exactly the safest place to chuck a family onto the street.

"The whole ordeal was horrific, we are heartbroken. It was meant to be the trip of a lifetime."

The dad says he spent months searching for the perfect luxury getaway before selecting Moon Palace for its reputation and luxury offerings. In the meantime, they will be expected to stay at their new hotel for the remainder of their holiday.

He said: "It might be the last holiday that our kid wants to come on with us before he turns into a teenager, so we wanted to go all out. We genuinely booked this holiday for Moon Palace - it is the place to be in Cancun, it offers a premium family holiday and that's exactly what we wanted.

"It had amazing reviews and is highly reputable, so it seemed like the perfect holiday for us. The hotel we have been moved to is fine but it isn't a patch on what we paid for and expected to get.

"The quality and prestige that Moon Palace offers just isn't here, it is really inferior in comparison. We paid for a jacuzzi in our room at Moon Palace and they obviously don't have that here. It's the detail we wanted.

"We're gutted and angry about the whole situation and it's left us pondering over what we can do to salvage this holiday."

The Record understands that Moon Palace has been refusing a small number of customers at the hotel due to a contract dispute with TUI.

A TUI spokesperson said: "We are so sorry to hear about our customer's experience in Cancun. Our goal is to ensure customers have the best possible experience, so this is not the way we wanted their holiday to start. Our destination team is working to get this resolved as quickly as possible."

The Record approached Moon Palace Hotel for comment.

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