Glasgow GMB vow to help struggling communities battle cost of living crisis

A Glasgow trade union has pledged to help struggling communities in their latest campaign to beat the cost of living crisis.

Members of the GMB were invited to attend a conference last week in Bournemouth where they were encouraged to promote the local economy in cities across the country while supporting local shops and shopping centres which would in turn create more employment opportunities.

GMB convenor Chris Mitchell says the aim of the latest campaign is to encourage communities to flourish again and to help local economies grow.

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He said: “There are a lot of communities in Glasgow with severe poverty and the cost of living crisis is destroying them.

“It is quite clear that we need to build the communities from the bottom to the top. We need to help local shops and shopping centres and try and get people employed again within them.

“We need to start from scratch and I hope that in turn people will return to these communities to work and live.

“As a union we are here to make sure that people are employed with good wages and good working conditions - that is our fundamental job.

“I think we need to encourage people to come to the city and invest in it. If they invest in these communities, give local people jobs then in turn they will start using these facilities which will benefit the local economy.”

The campaign will look to benefit everyone and help community centres, libraries and sports clubs across the city to either reopen or continue operating during challenging times.

Chris added: “If we look to help these organisations as part of our campaign - I think we will see a huge difference.

“We are hoping to set the wheels in motion this week and speak to our reps and stewards to see where we can start and how we reach out to people.

“We have been successful in our cleansing campaigns in the past. Public services have got to grow and communities need to be clean and safe for everyone.

“If we invest in the communities, the economy will grow again.”

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