Glasgow homeless charity slams man who 'urinated' on rough sleeper's tent

The Invisibles were out supporting rough sleepers on Sunday.
-Credit: (Image: The Invisibles)

A Glasgow homeless charity has slammed a person who "urinated over" a rough sleeper's tent in the city centre and later allegedly assaulted him.

The Invisibles, a non-profit that supports those living on the city streets, said they helped 19 people in Glasgow on Sunday night (May 26).

Sharing the moment on X, the charity said a number of regular rough sleepers were assaulted, including the man whose tent was urinated on after he complained to the culprit.

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They said: "Our volunteers assisted 19 people tonight, a wet miserable night, hopefully the big drop in numbers meant that many had some sort of accommodation or cover out of the rain.

"Sadly again a couple of regulars were assaulted last night, one excuse for a human being thought it was ok to urinate over his tent and then proceed to assault him as he dared to complain and damage his tent, poor guy already dealing with many health issues had to be taken into hospital. How low can some people go."

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.

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