Glasgow man Mohammad Tofiq Sadiq failed to take care of dog after illegal ear-cropping procedure

A Glasgow man has been banned from keeping animals for five years for failing to take care of his dog after an ear-cropping procedure.

Mohammad Tofiq Sadiq, 27, was also handed a 12-month community payback order for failing to seek veterinary treatment for the injuries caused to five-month-old Kilo, an American pocket bully.

Instead, Sadiq fed his pet paracetamol and cleaned the wounds with salty water.

WARNING: Story features images some people may find distressing

It is illegal to perform ear cropping in the UK, however it is not illegal to sell or import ear-cropped dogs.

The British Veterinary Association describes the "painful" procedure as "mutilation".

The Scottish SPCA launched an investigation into Sadiq in April 2022 following a call to its helpline.

The animal welfare charity attended at his home and found Kilo with cropped ears that were "red and scabby".

A Scottish SPCA inspector involved in the case said: "Sadiq claimed he had only had the dog for around nine days and that his ears had been cropped by his previous owner.

"When asked if the dog had seen a vet, he said that he had been cleaning Kilo's ears with salty water and giving him paracetamol."

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Kilo was removed from the premises and taken to a vet to be examined.

Due to how fresh the dog's wounds were, the vet estimated that the procedure had been carried out within the last seven to 10 days.

Kilo was given anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the swelling and help ease the pain the wounds would have been causing.

The Scottish SPCA inspector said: "We then took Kilo to one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres where he could receive the ongoing medical care he needed.

"While he was there we scanned him for a microchip and we were able to contact a previous owner who was able to confirm that the dog had full ear flaps when they last saw him in February."

Sadiq admitted causing unnecessary suffering to Kilo and was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court last month.

The inspector added: "We are pleased Sadiq has received a community payback order, and a disqualification order that prevents him from keeping animals for a period of five years due to his blatant disregard for Kilo's welfare."