Glasgow parrot 'Jobby' missing after flying out flat leaving owner heartbroken

A parrot named Jobby is missing after flying out from a flat in the south side on Saturday (July 6) morning.

Apsi Witana is devastated after her pet rapidly escaped from her ground floor flat in St Helens Gardens, Langside, just after midnight. Described as "bright green with red and blue on his back", Jobby often enjoys watching TV and having snacks with Apsi.

She is now appealing for anyone who sees her beloved pet to get in touch immediately.

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Apsi said: "I'd just driven back after playing Kelburn with my band, Brenda, and was taking instruments in. I had both the main and flat door open.

"I'm usually very vigilant about doors being shut because of this, but this time I could hear him flying around, in the dark, in the living room and instinctively opened the door so he could see some light. I forgot about the doors behind me, he is a very fast flier and bolted straight out."

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She added: "I'm in absolute bits and feel so guilty.

"I love his character, he's got such a funny personality and I can't stand thinking of the fact I might not be able to sit and watch TV with him anymore, while he begs me for snacks and then falls asleep next to me.

"I just hope he's having an adventure right now and enjoying all the new sights and sounds, and that he's not scared and confused.

"If someone spots him, please note his behaviour and don't approach him. Call me on 07587107400."

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