Glasgow student launches new 'dessert app' for home bakers

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Glasgow student launches new 'dessert app' for home bakers
Glasgow student launches new 'dessert app' for home bakers

A Glasgow student is hoping for sweet success with a new app designed for home bakers.

Omar Afran is about to start his second year of studying Economics and Management at the London School of Economics.

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The twenty-year-old, originally from Newlands, was inspired to launch a new app after noticing a lack of online marketplaces for budding pastry chefs and bakers to sell their creations.

The exciting app named Dlyt is live now and helps independent makers by organising descriptions and images, processing orders and accepting payments for their bakes.

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Omar said: “I’m hoping to list all the established dessert parlour chains across the UK, along with the large number of people who started home baking businesses during the pandemic.

"DLYT will be the main hub for dessert-lovers.

“I was encouraged by two friends who started home baking businesses in the last 18 months, and I was made aware of others who would benefit from Dlyt.

"This is a breakthrough which helps local businesses compete in the marketplace aided through technology and innovation.

"At the same time, I am negotiating with the bigger, more established brands because this will benefit them too.”

To find out more about Dlyt click here.

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