Glasgow students hit out as lectures held in church with no internet access

Glasgow students hit out as lectures held in church with no internet access
Glasgow students hit out as lectures held in church with no internet access

Fed up students paying £19,000 a year to study at the University of Glasgow hit out at a decision to teach lectures in a church - which has no internet access.

Subjects including Politics and Psychology are being taught at Wellington Church, a short walk from the uni library.

Services are still being held at the Church of Scotland church rather than lecture theatres, student news site The Tab reported.

Timetables suggest the 19th Century church, which has no internet access, will be used until Christmas.

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Lecturers are using the lectern while students complained of it being uncomfortable.

Second-year student Evan, who does a joint honours degree, told student newspaper The Tab she has to spend two hours sitting on the wooden pews.

She said: “There’s no eduroam extension (student WiFi) so I have to use my data and hotspot to take notes on my laptop which sits on my knees since it doesn’t fit on the tiny little ledge for the bibles.

“When it’s sunny the light comes right through the stained glass and you can’t see the projector screen.

“Love that I’m paying £19,000 a year as an international student for that."

Another student said it was "pretty cool" and added: “It was unexpected but a nice twist."

Alongside there being very little room to rest any laptops or books, students have said there are big queues to get into the church as the space, which can hold up to 1,000 people, only has one entrance through which students can come in.

The church website suggests it’s still functioning as a normal church as well as an impromptu Glasgow University lecture theatre.

There are still bibles on the pews as students enter for their lectures and on its website, the church invites people to “join us for our worship this Sunday!”

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A spokesperson for University of Glasgow said: “Our ongoing campus redevelopment plan has recently added a state-of-the-art learning centre and the Advanced Research Centre to our learning and teaching capacity.

"We are making use of a few teaching rooms close to campus while refurbishment work is underway across our campus.”