Glasgow has 'third highest rate of domestic abuse in Scotland', new report shows

Glasgow has 'third highest rate of domestic abuse in Scotland', new report shows
Glasgow has 'third highest rate of domestic abuse in Scotland', new report shows

Glasgow recorded the third highest rate of domestic abuse cases last year, according to the latest statistics.

The report stated the city recorded 147 incidents per 10,000 population.

With a population of around 600,000 people, this would be around 8800 incidents in a year.

Only Dundee and West Dunbartonshire had a higher rate, with the Tayside city the highest at 172 per 10,000 population and the local authority that includes Clydebank and Dumbarton second at 161 per 10,000.

Across Scotland, there were 64,807 incidents of domestic abuse in 2021-22. It is a slight decrease of 1% compared to the previous year.

This is the first year this figure has shown a decrease since 2015-16.

The vast majority of victims were female.

The report states: “Where the victim’s gender was known, the clear majority of victims in 2021-22 (83%) were female.

“Over four-in-five incidents (81%) of domestic abuse in 2021-22 had a female victim and a male suspected perpetrator. This increased slightly from 81% in 2020-21.”

The most frequent offence recorded was common assault at 32% of all crimes and offences recorded, threatening and abusive behaviour accounted for 21% of crimes and offences.

A third of incidents occurred at the weekend and just under nine-in-10 (89%) of all domestic abuse incidents occurred in a home or dwelling.

Justice secretary Keith Brown urged people suffering domestic abuse to ask for help and report incidents to the police.

He said: “I am grateful to everyone who has felt able to come forward over the past year to report incidents of domestic abuse to the police.

"Behind each of these numbers is a story in itself, of months or even years of abuse and control, which is why the Scottish Government legislated to give police, prosecutors and the courts greater powers to tackle such crimes.

“While the small drop in the number of domestic abuse incidents reported to the police may be welcome, the reality has always been that figures drawn from police reports represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true extent of violence against women and girls.

“My message to anyone experiencing violence, including coercive and controlling behaviours, is to seek help, advice or support - and where appropriate, report incidents to the police.”