Glasgow's Dazza exposes McDonald's 'scam' sharing how to get chicken share box cheaper

Dazza has shared his money-saving hack for some of the new McDonald's items
-Credit: (Image: Dazza FB)

A Glasgow-based comedian and internet star known for his fun reviews of famous food spots has taken to social media to expose what he says is a 'scam' from McDonalds.

Content creator Darren Dowling, better known as Dazza, shared his latest video speaking about two of the fast food giant's latest limited edition UK-wide releases.

Dazza, who has gathered a huge following online thanks to his deep-frying antics on his hit show 'Does It Fry?' which has seen him batter everything from Big Macs to Tunnock's Tea Cakes, spoke out against the fact that not only is the Hat Trick burger just a glorified version of another menu item, he also added that the chicken share box can be bought for much cheaper just using a simple trick.

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Having previously made his name with a starring turn on Come Dine With Me, the internet fave regular goes on tour across the UK and has turned his hand to investigating the food world, creating clips reviewing food spots, takeaways and hotels across the UK – as well as offering money-saving hacks.

While previous videos have seen him go up against the creators of the Pot Noodle, he's now targeting McDonald's in the UK.

Reacting to someone stating that the Hat Trick burger is a new item, Dazza said: "Is it though? Because all we've got is a bun that looks like a bum, and then we've got three very sad, thick-looking burgers. On this burger, you've got your tomato ketchup and mustard and some grilled onions. Wow, so innovative."

Adding that it also comes with two slices of cheese, he states: "Where have I heard of that before? Oh. wait that's right the triple cheeseburger."

Revealing that the Hat Trick burger (priced at £5.89 ) is just a glorified triple cheeseburger, he added that it is available at almost half the price (£2.99) - all be it with smaller patties.

And when it comes to the chicken share box, he shared a tip on how to get it much cheaper than the around £10.59 you'll be expected to pay.

Coming with 9 chicken nuggets and six chicken selects plus two dips, Dazza shared: "With the £3 for 3 items deal, you can mix and match items and get them for £3 - now that deal is only good when you bring it in to this chicken sharebox nonsense. Get three portions of the chicken nuggets and you'll get 12 nuggets for £12."

And here comes the genius part, Dazza stated you should then order three of the chilli wraps (£1.99 each) - but, here's where the smart part comes in – take everything off but the chicken selects.

By the end of that, you should have 12 nuggets and six chicken selects for just £8.97, which is a whopping saving of £1.62.

Stating that he is "sick of McDonald's coming up with new menu items that already exist", he stated that he won't be one of these influencers swayed by invites from McDonald's, adding that he'll always give an honest review and try to save people money, before joking: "I'm no scared of Ronald, he's a clown, what's he gonnae dae?"

You can follow Dazza on Facebook for more reviews and money-saving hacks.

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