Glastonbury 2023: Top tips to help you secure tickets

Glastonbury 2023 tickets with coach travel go on sale today, and we’ve got some tips to help you get prepared.

Next year will be the 51st year of the festival, which will take place between Wednesday 21 and Sunday 25 June.

In order to be in the running for a ticket, you need to have registered by 31 October. Registration does not guarantee you a ticket, but it does ensure you’re in with a chance.

This year’s tickets are sold exclusively on Glastonbury’s website and are priced at £355 + £5 booking fee.

You’ll only need to immediately pay £50 (plus coach fair if you’re booking tickets with coach travel) and can pay the rest before April 2023.

Ticket plus coach travel will go on sale today (3 November) at 6pm GMT. General admission tickets will go on sale at 9am GMT on Sunday 6 November.

Considering it’s one of the hardest festivals to get into and often sells out in minutes, securing tickets can be a tough task.

Here are some tips to ensure you’re in with as much chance as possible.

Get organised

In order to stop fake tickets or ticket touts, the Glastonbury ticket-buying process is fairly complex. You’ll want to be pretty organised before you attempt to purchase tickets.

You’ll need to have registered in advance which will have provided you with a unique registration number. If you manage to get through to the ticket page, you’ll need to provide this alongside your postcode to secure your tickets.

The process will fail if the number is entered incorrectly, or the postcode you entered doesn’t match the one with which you registered. Make sure you write down all your details ahead of time so that you can easily input them if the opportunity arises.

Groups of six

According to Glastonbury ticket buying rules, bookers can purchase up to six tickets per transaction, at the cost of £50 deposit per person (+ coach fare if you do this option).

Why not team up with friends in groups of six who are also trying? This way if anyone gets through to the ticket page they could also secure you a place.

This method does obviously require a little more organisation, so it might be worth having a shared document with everyone’s registration number and postcodes ready.

Try for coach tickets

As a historically less desirable option, many have cottoned onto the fact that coach packages with Glastonbury tickets are easier to get hold of.

As well as this, the coach package tickets come out ahead of general sale tickets, meaning you effectively get two chances at trying to get hold of yours.

However, be sure to know that you usually have to get on your booked coach to collect your ticket, as opposed to it being sent to you. You won’t be able to just use the coach method to get your ticket and then find another means of transport.

Also bear in mind that if you’re purchasing coach tickets, you’ll also have to choose the pick-up and drop-off locations at this time.

Ticket plus coach travel will go on sale today (3 November) at 6pm GMT.

Use multiple browsers and devices

When ticket sales open, you’ll be taken to a holding page which will refresh every 20 seconds.

Glastonbury advises only having one tab open due to confusing the website, but multiple browsers can work. That way you’re in a queue from several different places.

You could also try using every device you have to enter the site. The more places you try from, the better chances you have.

Phone a friend

Enlist as many people you know as possible to help you get tickets! Multiple friends and family members can be on hand to enter the site. Many people never make it past the online queue, so if you pass along your registration information, you’ll be in with more of a chance.

Check your balance

Make sure you’ve got enough funds in your account to cover the ticket deposit for you and any friends you’re purchasing for. It would be mortifying to get through to the purchasing page and fail at the last hurdle!

If you don’t have enough to buy everyone in your group’s tickets, why not agree on a lead booker account between you and your friends. Then you can each transfer the deposit to them so that everyone can use that account should they get through.