Glastonbury fans baffled after buying tickets 45 minutes after they ‘sold out’

Festival fans were left baffled after managing to secure Glastonbury tickets up to 45 minutes after the event had “sold out”.

On Sunday (6 November), general admission went on sale, three days after coach tickets sold out in 22 minutes.

Those who had previously registered for tickets rushed to purchase tickets, but many reported that the Seetickets holding site was crashing before they could get onto the processing page.

Twenty five minutes after sales began, seetickets reported a “technical problem”, and urged customers to be patient. However, 15 minutes later, it was announced that tickets had sold out.

Many resigned themselved to the fact they would not be attending the 2023 festival, which is rumoured to feature Bruce Springsteen, Arctic Monkeys and Rihanna on the line-up.

But, it was then reported that people were successfully purchasing up to six tickets despite the official “sold out” announcement.

The Independent learned that, as of writing, somebody was able to buy a ticket 45 minutes after the official Glastonbury Twitter page wrote: “Tickets for Glastonbury 2023 have now Sold Out. Thank you to everyone who bought one and we’re sorry to those of you who missed out, on a morning when demand far exceeded supply. There will be a resale of any cancelled or returned tickets in spring 2023.”

On Twitter, many shared their excitement and confusion over snapping up a late ticket.

“Just got 4 Glastonbury tickets half an hour after they said they’d sold out, feeling cool and awesome,” one festival-goer wrote.

Another added: “Our group and out friend’s group all just got tickets 15 mins after it sold out!! First time going to glasto! Never give up on those blue screens people.”

Glastonbury 2023 tickets were being sold despite there reportedly being none left (AFP via Getty Images)
Glastonbury 2023 tickets were being sold despite there reportedly being none left (AFP via Getty Images)

One attendee said thaey managed to get tickets “20 minutes after @glastonbury posted that tickets were all sold out”, adding: “I stayed on the refresh page and eventually got my hands on tickets. I may have just landed the last few. Absolute farce of a system but over the moon.”

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The Independent has contacted Glastonbury Festival for comment.