Glastonbury Festival drinks prices spark complaints as Prosecco sold for £43

Some festival-goers have been left outraged at the price of drinks at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The 2024 edition of the storied festival is taking place from Wednesday 26 to Sunday 30 June, and is being headlined by Dua Lipa, Coldplay and SZA, with Shania Twain in the Legends Slot.

Tickets for this year’s festival sold out within eight minutes, with resale tickets also selling out within 22 minutes.

But as the gates to Worthy Farm were opened, some attendees were left flabbergasted at the price of drinks.

Pints of beer cost up to £7 while soft drinks and fruit juices cost up to £6. Aperol spritz cocktails are priced at £12.50 and bottles of Prosecco are selling at £43.

One person on Twitter/X wrote, “£2.50 for a can of water is criminal”, while another added, “We need to stop this nonsense of Aperol Spritz at £12.50!! It’s not only in Glasto, everywhere in UK it has crazy prices for no reason, in Italy it’s like £5!”

“Total rip off, bring your own,” wrote a third.

The doors are officially open for this year’s Glastonbury Festival (Getty Images)
The doors are officially open for this year’s Glastonbury Festival (Getty Images)

“I thought I’d splashed out stocking up on M&S cocktail cans – turns out to be the budget option!” said another.

Social media users shared tips and tricks for saving money as they advised, “Take all your alcohol with you – why pay inflated pub prices when you don’t need to?”

Another person added: “Drink prices at events these days are ridiculous. They’ve basically doubled in about 4 years. I’m taking multiple coolboxes and frozen water bottles and will buy extra ice on Sunday.

“Last year only bought 3 drinks and had coldies all festie. No queues either!”

However, others were less sympathetic as they said: “People moaning about the price of drinks at Glastonbury, you never been to a cup final at Wembley or even a golf event?”

Another said the prices weren’t that bad as they said they were “cheaper than a pint in London”.

Hundreds of artists will perform across the week, with the set times allowing fans to work out whether they’ll have time to dash from one stage to another in order to see their favourites.

There are also a few spots reserved for surprise acts, including the “TBA” marked at 6pm on Saturday at the Woodsies Stage. Previous surprise artists at Glastonbury have included The Killers, Radiohead and the Foo Fighters.