Glastonbury weather 2017 latest update: Soaring temperatures could see hottest festival yet

Jacob Stolworthy
AFP/Getty Images

If you were at last year's Glastonbury Festival, the thought of mud is still probably causing you sleepless nights. With the 2017 event just weeks away, it's now time to discern whether you'll be needing to pack your sunnies or wellies.

While early outlook seemed to suggest that the sun would be out with sporadic rain showers, the latest update provides better news for festival-goers: it's looking like this year's Glastonbury could be the hottest one yet.

A spokeswoman for the Met Office told Birmingham Mail: "It is mainly going to be dry, looking at the whole event.

Below are the latest weather updates but, of course, with days to go this is all liable to change (for reference, here is what was predicted last week).

Wednesday 21 June

No rain, high temperatures of 28 degrees

Take note if you're heading down early - temperatures look set to reach highs of 28 degrees so bring along your hat, water bottles and suncream as you'll most likely be stood around queuing for a fair part of the day.

Thursday 22 June

No rain, high temperatures of 27 degrees

A Met Office spokeswoman has predicted another heatwave on this day with temperatures firmly wedged in the high 20s which is way above what Glastonbury has seen in recent years. Accuweather predicts 24-degree weather making the consensus with BBC a little less optimistic with 21. Basically, the unanimous consensus is: no rain.

Friday 23 June

Low-20 temperatures, evening drizzle

The Met Office states Friday will be the last of the three-day heatwave with Accuweather corroborating this (predictions of 22-degrees). However, BBC Weather's prediction for Pilton on this day is no sunshine and highs of 17-degrees. The aforementioned Accuweather is also predicting light drizzle for Radiohead's performance that evening.

Saturday 24 June

Cooler temperatures and isolated showers

“Cooler and fresher” is what the Met Office is predicting with the day's outlook more changeable than before. The intense heat of the previous days could bring in some isolated rain showers in late morning/earlyafternoon, but the sunshine is expected to prevail (again, not in the BBC's eyes: highs of 16-degrees for the Saturday).

Sunday 25 June

Lower temperatures, risk of rain

The Sunday is expected to be the same as the previous day with chance of more showers - although the BBC is more optimistic on this occasion: the usn may not be out but it suggests the rain won't be making an appearance either.