Global flavours: The world comes to Paris Agricultural Show

The Salon de l’Agriculture (Agricultural Show) is one of the biggest annual events in Paris, with produce on display from every corner of France. But it is also a chance for producers from countries around the world, from Mali to Cuba, to come and sell their goods to the French public.

This year, around 650,000 people are expected to pass through the doors of the vast 8-day exhibition, which runs until March 1, while around 1,000 different producers are taking part. There are also some 4,000 live animals on display.

But some of the most diverse and intriguing products can be found in the ‘World Agriculture’ pavilion, where goods can be found from 23 different countries, ranging from Peruvian cocktails to African spices.

For the exhibitors, many of whom are small-scale producers, the show is an opportunity to promote their products to a new audience and tap into a potentially lucrative new market.

For visitors, it’s a chance to sample some delicacies from every corner of the globe.