Global media outlets flock to Buckingham Palace to report on Queen’s death

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The Queen’s death has sent shockwaves around the world, with global media outlets flocking to Buckingham Palace to report on the news.

Despite the time difference in the US, the majority of broadcast networks cut into their scheduled programming to give special reports.

Hordes of international correspondents provided live updates on the unfolding events for their outlets, from London as well as the US capital Washington DC.

US outlets hailed the monarch as “the embodiment of British identity” while others acknowledged the special relationship she had fostered with other nations.

Outlets in other countries including Canada and Australia also switched to live coverage from the UK and Washington following the announcement of the monarch’s death on Thursday.

NBC presenter Lester Holt anchored coverage in the US, reflecting on the Queen’s seven-decade long reign with correspondents in both London and Washington.

NBC correspondent Keir Simmons told Holt that “nothing really prepares you” for the moment, and the event was “stunning”.

Their colleague Kristen Welker detailed how former presidents had all paid respects, adding that the “statements underscore the very special relationship that these American presidents had not only with the Queen but with the UK”.

“The impact of her loss on this day not only here in Washington but all across the country,” she said.

Katty Kay, for network MSNBC, said: “She’s the embodiment of British identity, and not just reflecting the country back to itself…but reflecting Britain to the world.”

CNN’s Richard Quest said he felt “deep upset and sadness” in his own report.

Other outlets speculated on the accession of King Charles to the throne, with CBS News correspondent Holly Williams, saying: “It is a colossal understatement to say that Queen Elizabeth II will be a very hard act to follow for her son.

“She had the kind of popularity that some politicians can only dream of.”

Early morning coverage by Australian outlet 9News also focused on the death of “our Queen”, broadcasting from 5am local time.

Anchors Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon both wore black attire during the broadcasts, as they received updates from their correspondents in the UK.

They acknowledged her “life devoted to public service…as the world farewells Queen Elizabeth II.”

Al Jazeera English, the first English-language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East, also devoted its daily coverage to news of the Queen’s death, providing video content and special reports on her life as the UK’s longest-reigning monarch.

“Queen Elizabeth II spent seven decades on the throne as the UK rebuilt from war, lost an empire, transformed its economy and both entered and left the EU,” the outlet tweeted, with an accompanying picture gallery of the monarch’s reign.

Canadian outlet CNC told its viewers they were “witnessing history”.