Humans 'will drive polar bears to extinction without climate action', experts warn

Polar Bears are becoming increasingly threatened by global warming (Picture: REX Features)

Polar Bears are at an even higher risk of extinction than initially believed, a new report has warned, and it’s all down to human-driven global warming.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), greenhouses gasses are accelerating the extinction of the species – and they now say that curbing emissions is the ‘single most important action’ in saving polar bears.

Greg Siekaniec, The FWS’s Alaska Regional Director, said: ‘Make no mistake; without decisive action to address Arctic warming, the long-term fate of this species is uncertain.’

The stark admission comes only a week after a report published on ScienceDaily claimed that pollutants are accumulating in the breast milk of polar bears and getting passed on to their young.

Trump is a climate change sceptic (Picture: Getty Images)

Both claims come only a week before Donald Trump takes power in the White House, having previously stated that he doesn’t believe that climate change is being exacerbated by humans.

He has also appointed Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, despite being a renowned climate change denier who has vowed to reverse some of the governmental body’s most significant policies.

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Rising sea levels are also considered to be an increasing threat, with the area of the Arctic covered by ice reaching an all time low for October and November last year.

Polar bears were listed as a endangered species in 2008, as they depend on floating ice as a platform to hunt for seals, which is their primary source of food.