Globetrotting Brit turns record-breaking trip to EVERY world country into four-minute video

A globetrotting Briton who became the first person to visit every world country without flying has crammed his record-breaking trip into a four-minute video.

Adventurer Graham Hughes visited 201 world nations during his epic journey, which started in 2009 and was only completed earlier this year.

He completed the trip using trains, taxis and cargo ships, finishing in Russia in February this year after a 25-hour train journey.

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Graham, 33, spent a few seconds in each country announcing where he was - and he has since compiled every stop into a four-minute video.

He declares the name of every country he visits, starting with Uruguay and ending with South Sudan.

Graham's longest journey was the 32-day round trip from Australia to Naura, the world's smallest republic. He said the island in the Micronesia archipelago was worth the journey, as was Palau in the Pacific, which he describes as an "unspoilt tropical paradise with amazing people".

He has since claimed a Guinness World Record for visiting every would country without flying.

When he started the challenge, rules were imposed stating that he could not use private transport over large distances, or hitchhiking.

He made the trips on a small budget, spending just £7,000 per year for the first two years, and just under £3,000 thereafter.

Graham's travels have also included some hairy moment. On a visit to Congo, Mr Hughes was jailed for six days and was only freed with British consulate support.

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Pakistan too posed problems. Mr Hughes was not even allowed out of the port at Karachi because authorities said it was too dangerous.

But the most memorable time was the four days he spent on a leaky wooden canoe crossing the open ocean from Senegal to Cape Verde.

During his journey Graham filmed a TV show for the National Geographic Adventure channel and raised money for the charity Water Aid .

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