Gloucester paranormal investigators TV debut at Littledean Jail

Two best friends who have always had a belief in the spirit world embarked on their first paranormal investigation with a ghost hunting voice recorder and a mobile phone camera. It was the first of hundreds of investigations the duo would carry out, and they have since gone on to make their television debut exploring the realms of the paranormal.

Ed Francis, 50, and Paul Cowmeadow, 48, are both from Gloucester, and formed the Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services team in 2016. They have since gone on to carry out investigations at HMP Gloucester and many other places of interest in the city and the county.

The pair have been friends for over 20 years and have always shared an interest in the paranormal and mysterious happenings and were keen to explore this further. So one July evening back in 2016, Paul and Ed decided to take a trip to Saint Catherine's Church (Matson) with a EVP recorder (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and the cameras on their mobile phones.

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Paul said: "We managed to document some really good evidence on our EVP recorder of a males voice and a photo of possibly what could be the the spirit of the grey lady or blue Lady who is reportedly still to roam the grounds looking for her lost shoe.

"After realising what we had managed to document, we thought to ourselves what other evidence of paranormal activity we may be able to document if we had more equipment. Then we decided to form Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services."

The pair have carried out numerous investigations at The Gloucester Antiques Centre. They have managed to capture voice recordings and intelligent light anomalies.

Ed said: "We were so excited and privileged to be given our first chance in 2017 to investigate The Gloucester Antiques Centre Westgate Street, a location of such historical interest and a very important piece of the city of Gloucester's history.

"The building has possible links it has to Edward Massey during the Civil War and the siege of Gloucester in 1643. It is also the home to Wingfield Seeds for nearly 100 years and the Judges Lodgings.

"We regularly investigated the location over a period of time managing to document some really good evidence. We documented various evidence, from children's voices, intelligent lights anomalies and amazing interaction with a spirit of a lady called Mary."

Paul and Ed have had the opportunity to investigate many historical locations, including HMP Gloucester Prison, The New Inn, and The Fleece, in the city. As they continued over the years, the pair bought more equipment to help them capture more evidence.

They have carried out live investigations on their social media platforms and say they have had paranormal activity happen during live streams.

Paul said: "In 2022 we were contacted by Tim Whittard who is the founder of The Fourtean Film Festival, and we were asked if we would like to attend the 2022 film festival to be held at The Sherbourne Cinema, in Gloucester. We were asked if we could take film makers from the festival for a night time tour of paranormal and history and film locations of the city.

"We told the group stories of the locations and experiences we had encountered during our own investigations and the activity we had managed to document. it was a really amazing experience and we made friends with so many awesome people, we were also introduced for the first time to Matt Everett, who is the producer of Weird Britain and owner of Dragonfly Films."

Paul and Ed were aske by Matt Everett if they would like to appear in one of the Weird Britain shows. They went on the investigate Littledean Jail with the presenter.

Ed said: "We were lost for words and couldn’t quite believe it when we were given such a amazing opportunity and asked if we would like to appear in the Gloucestershire episode for the new series of Weird Britain. It will be shown on Blaze TV later in the year and investigate Littledean Jail, and met with Andy McGrath (Presenter of Weird Britain)

"Whilst filming for the series we did carry out a investigation where we documented some really amazing evidence including a direct response with our K-2 Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meters and interacting with a Haunted Doll.

"The Series of Weird Britain can been watched on Wednesday nights 10pm on Blaze TV and previous episodes can be watched on catch up. We would like to thank everyone at The Fourtean Film Festival, Dragon Fly Films and Weird Britain and thank everyone who has followed us.

"Thank you as well to everyone who has allowed us access to their premises, and locations allowing us to be able to investigate along our paranormal journey , and to the spirits for sharing their stories with us."