Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2024: timetable and rules for another day of madness

One of Gloucestershire’s wackiest annual competitions is set to take place in the next few weeks. Monday May 27 at 12pm is the day and time of the highly anticipated Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling contest, which always attracts thousands from around the world to see the daredevil sporting action.

The quirky (and cheesey) tradition involves participants chasing (or rather tumbling) towards a Double Gloucester cheese wheel down a 180-metre hill, whilst trying not to break any bones in the process. As the rapid speed of the cheese after its head-start makes it impossible to catch, the contestant agile enough to cross the finish line first gets to keep the hefty nine-pound cheese.

The steep Cooper's Hill slope and bumpy terrain pose a challenge for even the bravest of competitors, leading to a spectacle of rolling and flying humans, as well as some serious injuries. The highest injury toll ever recorded was in 1997 when 33 contestants had to be treated, so enter at your own risk!

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Cheese chasing timetable

Noon: 1st men's downhill race

12.15pm: Under 11s uphill race

12.30pm: 2nd men's downhill race

1pm: Women's downhill race

1.15pm: Adults mixed uphill race (18+)

1.30pm: 3rd Men's downhill race


You take part entirely at your own risk

Maximum 25 people in all downhill races

First started in the 1800s, previous winners of the Double Gloucester dash have travelled from as far as Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Canada, and the USA, so it’s safe to say the event attracts a lot of attention. For a chance to get involved, bring a brave face and some knee pads, and make your way to the top of Cooper’s Hill at the end of the month.