GMB's Susanna Reid reveals how she saved baby from choking

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Television presenter Susanna Reid poses for photographers upon arrival for the Brit Awards 2016 at the 02 Arena in London, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Susanna Reid has told how she came to the rescue of a choking baby after learning what to do from Dr Hilary Jones.

The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed her hero moment as she helped the 65-year-old celebrity GP celebrate 30 years on breakfast television today.

Reid, 48, who has three children said on the ITV show: “I would like to say a massive thank you because we did an item together where you showed what to do if the baby was choking.

“You put the baby dummy on your knee and then slapped the baby’s back. It was a couple of weeks after that that I was walking to the shops and a mum was screaming because her baby was choking on a bit of fruit loaf. I popped into the house and said, ‘Let’s try this’. I popped the baby over my knee and whacked the baby on the back.

Dr Hilary Jones is celebrating 30 years on TV (Credit: ITV’s Good Morning Britain)

“In fact it took a bit more to get that chunk of fruit loaf out of its throat and the dad did that, but it’s that confidence that you give people. I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do.”

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Weather presenter Laura Tobin also told how Dr Hilary helped her when she went into premature labour.

Tobin revealed: “I was at work and I thought I just had a bit of tummy pain or Braxton Hicks and it was only Dr Hilary that knew I was actually going into labour at 27 weeks. Dr Hilary phoned the hospital, got me there safely, kept me calm and sort of kept me in the dark for a whole so I didn’t panic. Because of him, Charlotte arrived safely and it could have been a very different story for both of us, so thank you.”

Dr Hilary made his on-screen debut on TV-am in 1989 and has gone on to become a household name, broadcasting medical advice directly into the homes of the nation over breakfast.

Recalling his very first appearance on TV, Dr Hilary said: “[It was an item on] blood pressure. And very soon after that I was sitting next to Dudley Moore and one of my twins was sick on his lap. He was lovely about it.”

Dr Hilary Jones first appeared on breakfast television in 1989 (Credit: ITV’s Good Morning Britain)

Dr Hilary Jones celebrated thirty years on breakfast television on today’s Good Morning Britain - and as the team shared their favourite memories of working with him, Dr Hilary re-enacted his legendary workouts.

Recalling his very first appearance on our screens, Hilary said: “[It was an item on] blood pressure. And very soon after that I was sitting next to Dudley Moore and one of my twins was sick on his lap. He was lovely about it.”

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Dr Hilary said he loves hearing feedback from viewers: “I think the public health messages, that’s what this programme does well. We have had people say that they have found a breast lump or they have sent their husband to get his prostate tested and it’s saved his life. It’s really nice to hear those heartwarming stories.”

Dr Hilary Jones demonstrating his one-armed press-up skills on TV (Credit: ITV’s Good Morning Britain)

A clip was then shown of Dr Hilary’s workouts from the GMTV days doing one-armed press-up in front of several stars of hit 90s show Gladiators.

Dr Hilary then proudly demonstrated he is still able to do clapping press-ups.

For NHS medical guidance on how to helping a choking child click here.