Good Morning Britain presenter worse for wear on live TV after later night at Tory conference

The Daily Mail journalist appeared dishevelled, fragile and confused during his appearance on the live show.

Daily Mail correspondent and journalist Andrew Pierce, also known as 'Tory Boy Pierce'. Credit: Imageplotter/Alamy Live News
GMB contributor and Daily Mail journalist Andrew Pierce appeared to be somewhat the worse for wear. (Alamy) (Imageplotter)

What did you miss?

Good Morning Britain presenter Andrew Pierce appeared to be somewhat the worse for wear appearing live from the Conservative party conference.

The Daily Mail columnist joined the Mirror's Kevin Maguire in a live-link up with the GMB studio in London to discuss home secretary Suella Braverman's latest speech on immigration.

Right-leaning journalist Pierce appeared dishevelled, fragile and confused during his appearance on the ITV breakfast show and was subjected to subtle digs from his colleagues that he may have had a late night and consumed a lot of alcohol.

What, how, and why?

Ed Balls hosts Good Morning Britain. (ITV)
Ed Balls recommended a hangover cure to Andrew Pierce. (ITV) (ITV)

Pierce is a regular contributor to GMB, alongside Maguire, discussing the big news stories of the day and the papers' frontpage headlines.

He appeared live from the Tory party conference in Manchester on Wednesday morning with untidy hair, bleary eyes and stumbled over his words.

Hosts Ed Balls and Susanna Reid appeared amused by Pierce's state and Maguire quipped: "Just as well you're not operating heavy machinery."

During the debate when Maguire responded to his comments, Pierce repeatedly asked him to, "Stop shouting", and appeared to be pained by the noise.

Balls signed off the interview by telling Pierce: "My advice is a raw egg and go to bed."

Drinking raw egg is commonly thought to ease the symptoms of a hangover.

What else happened on Good Morning Britain?

Good Morning Britain hosts. (ITV)
Good Morning Britain linked up live to Andrew Pierce at the Tory party conference. (ITV)

Viewers of Good Morning Britain had mixed reactions to the implications that Pierce was appearing live on the show under the influence of alcohol.

Many were outraged at the alleged state of the broadcaster.

One commented on social media platform X, formerly Twitter: "#gmb presenters chuckling about Andrew Pierce being pissed up on a breakfast TV show. Remarkable editorial standards. Are their advertisers OK with this?"

Another questioned: "Should Andrew Pierce be live on the TV when he’s clearly still under the influence of alcohol? #gmb"

Another posted: "Why are you treating the state of Andrew Pierce as a joke? In any other job, if you turned up like that, you would be sacked."

Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror journalist and Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail Journalist, chat in Westminster, London, UK
Andrew Pierce kept asking co-presenter Kevin Maguire to stop shouting. (Alamy) (Imageplotter)

And one exclaimed: "Andrew Pierce was drunk - presenters might think it was funny - it was a disgrace!"

Other GMB viewers were just bemused.

One questioned: "Has Andrew Pierce had too many late nights? The ruffled hair, the bleary eyes. . .not a great look first thing in the morning. @GMB"

Another asked: "Is Andrew Pierce steaming drunk on the papers this morning ? He was offensive and rude. Even more so than usual."

And another asked: "Andrew Pierce. Is he drunk on Good Morning Britain right now?"

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV from 6am to 9am from Monday to Friday.

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