GMB host forced to apologise as Susannah Constantine drops F-bomb live on air

Amy West

Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard was forced to apologise on Wednesday 22 March when Susannah Constantine said “f**k” live on air.

The former What Not To Wear presenter was invited on to the show to discuss the benefits of sleeping in a separate bed to your partner. Fellow guest Michelle Heaton was of the opinion that those moments of intimacy before getting some shut-eye are important to share with your significant other.

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Arguing her case, Constantine made reference to her own marriage with husband Sten Bertelsen, saying: “We will go to bed together and will have that conversation and I’ll go off if I am tired and need a good night’s sleep.

“A good night’s sleep is the bedrock for everything … The anxiety goes down, the household is happier, I’m a better wife, I’m a better mother. I can write better.

GMB host forced to apologise as Susannah Constantine drops F-bomb live on air

“But also we have been married for nearly 24 years and I think it’s very important, or it was for us, for our children to see us going to bed and sleeping together and having the united family unit,” she continued. “Now they are older and they understand, I am like, ‘F**k sake… excuse my language. It just popped out.”

“Apologies to anyone who heard Susannah express herself.” Shephard quickly interjected before joking, “It’s the wrong time of the morning to be doing that.” He kept the lightheartedness going by then asking Constantine whether she managed to rest well last night.

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While not completely opposed to separate sleeping arrangements under the right circumstances, Heaton said that she felt a bit of “wriggling” shouldn’t get in the way of the commitment married couples make to one another.

She also opened up about how her husband sleeping next to her seems to have a calming influence on her and helps her with anxiety.