'GMB' viewers bemused as Richard Madeley demonstrates male breastfeeding kit

Good Morning Britain viewers were left somewhat bemused today as Richard Madeley demonstrated a new breastfeeding pump for men.

Madeley, standing in for Piers Morgan, unpacked the piece of equipment and placed it over his left peck as he told viewers it is “going to be a technical and physical possibility in about three years” for men to breastfeed their babies.

“That’s the inside of it,” said Madeley as he showed the prototype to the camera. “That fits over the nipple, and then you press…I was going to say the T-I-T… then you suck out the milk.

He then told co-host Kate Garraway that it was the “weirdest thing” he’d ever heard on the programme.

Richard Madeley demonstrates a piece of male breastfeeding equipment
Richard Madeley demonstrates a piece of male breastfeeding equipment

“I think it’s absurd to be honest with you,” he said. “It’s completely absurd. It’s not what men are built for, it’s what women are built for, and there have to be gender differences. We can’t blur the differences to that extent.”

The product, designed by student Marie Claire Springham, is meant to provide couples with an alternative option and reduce the pressure on women to do all of the breastfeeding.

Speaking about how men would able to produce milk with the help of hormone therapy, Garraway said: “Apparently the ducts are there, the mammaries are there… it develops the ducts first and then you can pump out the milk.”

On Twitter, the majority of viewers reacted angrily to the product, with many arguing that men shouldn’t be able to breastfeed.

Earlier in the programme, viewers were equally stunned when an anti-Brexit protestor appeared on the show completely naked.

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