'GMB' viewers left furious by guest who suggests strippers can't be feminists

Chris Edwards

Many Good Morning Britain viewers were left furious today as one guest suggested that modern feminists shouldn’t be strippers.

Appearing on the ITV morning show, Kate Mansfield, a self-titled transformational coach & relationship expert, argued that women can be successful without ‘degrading’ themselves by taking their clothes off.

Host Piers Morgan argued that it’s possible for a model to sell their image without demeaning their selves, citing Cindy Crawford as a prime example, but Mansfield insisted that any form of stripping off is like something from the ‘dark ages’.

Kate Mansfield says feminists shouldn’t demean themselves by taking off their clothes

“You can make millions online like I do as a female entrepreneur and a business woman, without having to degrade yourself and take your clothes off and sell your body.” 

Asked by Morgan if Cindy Crawford degrades herself, she replied: “I think so on a subtle level, yes. I think we’re bombarded in the media with images of women selling sex and I think it’s wrong.

“We have lots of young girls… We have an ethical responsibility to lots of young women to show them a different pathway. 

“I think that it’s [stripping] from the dark ages, and I think feminism have evolved.

Piers Morgan argues that feminists should be able to exercise their right to do what they want with their bodiesMB

“I’m blazing the way in this respect with my clients where lots of women are in abusive relationships and can’t get out for similar reasons, and I think that often as well sex workers and strippers have been sexually abused.”

Also appearing on the show was Stacey Clare aka ‘The Ethical Stripper’, who argued it was demeaning and undermining to assume that all models, strippers and sex workers are victims.

Morgan then suggested that Mansfield wanted to deprive feminists of exercising their right to do what they want with their bodies.

Many viewers expressed their frustration with Mansfield, arguing that part of feminism is a woman being able to choose what they want to do.

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