GMB viewers mock Richard Madeley as he rages against content warnings on Silent Witness

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Good Morning Britain viewers have mocked Richard Madeley for “getting triggered by trigger warnings”.

During Monday’s episode (20 June) of the ITV talk show, presenter Madeley shared his frustration at content warnings being placed on a recent episode of Silent Witness.

“Basic question for you: are you getting sick of the warning culture that we seem now to be drifting into in this country?

Silent Witness, it’s all about murders and autopsies and grizzly bits of evidence, lots of blood… and they’re now putting a warning up at the front of it, saying, ‘Be careful because there are some scenes here that some of you might find upsetting.’”

Banging his fist on the table, he continued: “Yes, it’s Silent Witness, we know! Why do we need to be babied like this?”

However, viewers at home pointed out the hypocrisy in Madeley’s comments.

“Madeley seems a little confused about when trigger warnings can be legitimately used. It seems to be that they are only acceptable when he randomly decides,” one viewer wrote.

“Richard Madeley getting his knickers in a twist on GMB about trigger warnings certainly classes as unsuitable viewing for those of a nervous disposition…” another quipped.

One Twitter user mocked Madeley’s response (Twitter)
One Twitter user mocked Madeley’s response (Twitter)

One viewer pointed out the usefulness of content or trigger warnings for people had been through traumatic events.

“@GMB you are misunderstanding the usefulness of a trigger warning,” their tweet read. “For those of us who do have significant histories that mean that TW are helpful they enable us to have the correct ‘mindset’, to have already thought through the steps of seeing, and enjoy even Silent Witness!”

“Film ratings are trigger warnings. Stop making something out of nothing,” another wrote.

“They have warnings because people’s just to pre empt backlash if people do get upset. Why is that an issue for you Richard??” one Twitter user pointed out.

Another commenter tweeted: “‘Oh trigger warnings pah they’re on everything these days corr makes me mad bloody snowflakes’ ... Oh sorry, is that a concept or idea which causes you emotional distress? If only there was some way you could safely avoid having to encounter that distress!”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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