GMB viewers shocked as MP Diane Abbott uses the N-word

Nicola Agius
Photo credit: Jack Taylor / Getty Images

From Digital Spy

Good Morning Britain viewers have criticised Diane Abbott for using the N-word live on TV today (September 14).

At the time, the Shadow Home Secretary was discussing the horrific abuse she receives online following the announcement that she is the most trolled Member of Parliament.

New stats revealed this morning show that she is targeted by bullies up to 50% more than her peers.

"When we say abuse, it's not people saying they disagree with you about nationalising the railways," she revealed. "It's people calling you a 'n***er bitch', threatening acid attacks, it's rape, death threats.

"It's upsetting for me and it's upsetting for my staff. It's frightening. It is undermining and humiliating."

Presenter Susanna Reid then stepped in to stress that while it was important to tell her story, repeating such language on morning television wasn't acceptable.

She said: "People listening to these abusive terms will be upset, especially as you've received them directly but we cannot broadcast them at this time of the morning."

Viewers watching the interview at home then took to Twitter to criticise Diane for using the N-word so early in the morning.

"Hang on @GMB Diane Abbott just said 'n***er bitch' No apology from her or the team for such language! Especially this time of day," wrote one,

Another then posted: "Can't believe that Diane Abbott used the 'N' word on live tv how ignorant."

Moments later, a third tweeted: "why is it ok for Diane Abbott to use the word n***er live on tv at 7:20am?"