'Gnarly!': Spearfisher Encounters Great White Shark in North Carolina Waters

A spearfisher had a nerve-wracking close encounter with a great white shark in waters off the Outer Banks in North Carolina in mid-December.

David Scherrer, who works as a diver for the Virginia Beach Seafood Company, was diving with a speargun when the shark appeared alongside him. Scherrer pointed his speargun toward the shark, ready to defend himself against an attack, and held it up until he and the shark were almost face to face. Fortunately, the shark turned swam away.

Shrerrer posted this footage of the encounter on Instagram with the caption: “Well that was kinda gnarly!”

Speaking to the Virginian-Pilot., Scherrer said the experience was “awesome,” though admitted “it wasn’t so cool” when the shark began swimming towards him.

“Normally when that happens, things end a bit more dramatically,” Scherrer told the Virginia-Pilot. Credit: David Scherrer via Storyful

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