Goalie Cat is rad. All hail Goalie Cat

Sheltering in place largely sucks.

We’re unkempt. We’re bored. We’re stir crazy. We’re agitated. We miss our friends.

But not all is bad with staying at home. We’ve learned new skills. We’ve learned new recipes.

And the best of us have bestowed gems upon the world like this one from the United Kingdom’s Chris Dixon.

Meet Goalie Cat

Dixon introduced the world on Monday to Goalie Cat, who quickly rose to the pantheon of shelter-in-place heroes.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Goalie Cat yet, do yourself a favor. Here is Dixon’s cat, Meownuel Neuer, providing more sports action that most of us have seen in weeks.

Neuer is named after Manuel Neuer, who plays goalie for Bayern Munich and the German National Team. He is widely considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in soccer history. His feline counterpart lives up to his namesake.

Thanks, Chris. And thanks, Meownuel for providing a little bit of light in dark times.

Since we don't have real sports, check out Goalie Cat. (Jeff Holmes/PA Images via Getty Images)

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