Goat stuck under train carriage while fleeing dogs is rescued in Thailand

A hapless goat was rescued after getting stuck under a train carriage in Thailand. The male serow squeezed under the parked train while trying to escape from guard dogs that ran after him while looking for food in a village in Saraburi province on April 12. However, his hind legs were stuck after forcing his way into the low-lying space and his body became even stiffer out of fear. Train station workers found the animal an hour later while inspecting the locomotive. The goat appeared weak and tired so they gave it food and water while figuring out how to free the animal. The workers feared that the animal could become dehydrated or even worse suffer from heatstroke as the summer temperatures soared up to 37 degrees Celsius that day. The kind workers fed the animal and tried to calm it down until the goat was able to move one of his legs and pushed his way out of the train. Wildlife rescuer Bodin Chansrikham also arrived to help the workers. He said the goat descended the mountain to drink water but encountered the dogs on the way. He said: ‘The goats search for food and water near residential areas. That’s when they would have encountered the dogs. The animal was found by the workers when it was stuck.’ Veterinarians were called to examine the goat’s health but the medics confirmed that the animal was not seriously hurt. After resting, the goat walked away from the tracks and made his way back into the forest. The train workers also resumed operation after the incident. Serows are goat-like animals that lived in the mountains near cliffs but were forced to descend to search for food after the rapid destruction of their habitat. Some superstitious locals also hunt the serows for their fat which were believed to be a medicine for curing wounds resulting in the decline in their population.