Goats Go Wild at Amusement Park Days After Incident With Escaped Camels

Chaos erupted at Cedar Point amusement park’s petting zoo once again, as a large herd of goats broke free from their pen, just days after escaped camels were seen trotting around the park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Footage captured by Alyssa Werner shows the goats moving freely around the park, as delighted visitors and other animals still stuck in their enclosures looked on.

Werner told Storyful that the mischievous goats had jumped over their enclosure’s barriers and “started roaming free and following people around.”

“They all seemed a little confused on what was going on,” Werner added. Credit: Alyssa Werner via Storyful

Video transcript

The goats.

Oh, shit.

A paper, the alpacas are like we want out, they're following that guy.

Just tell that guy to turn around.