Godiva Festival 2024 lineup and set times for Richard Ashcroft, Paloma Faith and Beverley Knight

Richard Ashcroft, Paloma Faith and Beverley Knight will be performing at Godiva Festival
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Godiva Festival is just hours away, and a star-studded lineup will soon be heading to Coventry. Thousands will be flocking to War Memorial Park this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Singers Richard Ashcroft, Paloma Faith, and Beverley Knight are among the huge names set to hit the stage at War Memorial Park. Sam Ryder, The Primitives, and Love Island star Wes Nelson will also be performing over the three-day weekend, which has been promised to be 'truly unforgettable.'

On Friday (July 5) Richard Ashcroft will be delighting fans with a jam-packed setlist, which will include huge hits from his time as frontman of The Verve. He will be supported by Coventry-based indie band The Primitives, who played a blistering set at Godiva Festival back in 2010.

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DJ Holy Goof will be hitting the Next Stage on Friday (July 5). He will be supported by Coventrian Georgie Riot and Toddlah, both of whom played storming sets at Godiva Festival in 2022.

Paloma Faith will be taking to the stage on Saturday (July 6). She will be performing songs from her new album 'The Glorification of Sadness' which was released earlier this year as well as massive chart hits, such as 'Lullaby' and 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This.'

Support will come from Sam Ryder, who represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Space Man' in 2022. Ryder will be joined by Rishi Rich ft. Panesar and DJ Krish, as well as Lady Leshurr.

Sunday (July 7) will be headlined by Beverley Knight, who is known for chart-topping hits, including 'Shoulda Woulda Coulda' and 'Keep This Fire Burning.' She has also won MOBO Awards and received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Urban Music Awards in London.

Excitement has been building for Godiva Festival at War Memorial Park. If you are looking to plan ahead, CoventryLive has compiled the exact times that each act will be taking to the stage on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Main Stage

Friday, July 5

  • 6.20pm: North of Paradise

  • 7pm: Three Mile Island

  • 7.45pm: The Primitives

  • 9.05pm: Richard Ashcroft

Saturday, July 6

  • 12.20pm: Asian Fusion ft. SunitMusic, Raj Kaul, Saloni, Bollywood Belles, Icey Stanley, Ashok Ka Awaaz

  • 1.25pm: Project Overload

  • 2.05pm: Karma Cov

  • 2.40pm: Wes Nelson

  • 3.30pm: Lady Leshurr

  • 4.25pm: The Go! Team

  • 5.30pm: KAWALA

  • 6.25pm: PBN, Rishi Rich ft. Bobby Panesar and DJ Krish, and SunitMusic

  • 7.40pm: Sam Ryder

  • 9.10pm: Paloma Faith

Sunday, July 7

  • 12.20pm: Loophole

  • 12.55pm: Diarmuid Gaffney

  • 1.40pm: Oh My God! It Is The Church

  • 3.05pm: Rhoda Dakar

  • 4.25pm: The Brand New Heavies

  • 5.50pm: Beverley Knight

Next Stage

Friday, July 5

  • 6.10pm: DJ Sleepless with MC TNT

  • 6.40pm: Sonication with The Lecturah

  • 7.10pm: DJ SS with MC Bobby One

  • 7.50pm: Standard Procedure

  • 8.30pm: Georgie Riot with MC Toddlah

  • 9.10pm: Holy Goof

Saturday 6 July

  • 12.15pm: Fridays

  • 12.55pm: Whizzy

  • 1.40pm: Ruder Than U

  • 2.45pm: Sisters In Dub

  • 3.45pm: Bobby Friction

  • 5pm: Nicole Blakk

  • 5.30pm: Callan Moulton and FNJ with Grandmaster Ash

  • 6.25pm: Dawks and McNulty B2B Rose Gray

  • 7.30pm: DJ Beth

  • 8.15pm: Tough Love

  • 9.15pm: Friend Within

Sunday, July 7

  • 12.30pm: Sandra Godley OBE and the Gospel Collective

  • 1.10pm: Positive Choices

  • 1.55pm: Soundlab-Cov

  • 2.30pm: Coventry Music String Orchestra

  • 2.55pm: Luminae

  • 3.30pm: Zinx

  • 4pm: Fire in the Youth

  • 4.40pm: SK Schlomo: Schools Music Project

  • 5.25pm: SK Shlomo: Beatbox Rave Party

Serendipity Stage

Friday, July 5

  • 7pm: The Trees ft. Melanie Moon

  • 7.20pm: Harry Pentony

  • 7.40pm: Giancarlo Mariani

  • 8pm: Deb

  • 8.20pm: Dan Barrie

  • 8.40pm: Esme

  • 9pm: Abz Winter

Saturday, July 6

  • 12.35pm: Elite Dance Academy

  • 1pm: Carlos Airhead

  • 1.30pm: Jones and Barnard

  • 2pm: Lyra Starr

  • 2.25pm: Elite Dance Academy

  • 2.50pm: Carlos Airhead

  • 3.20pm: Lyra Starr

  • 3.50pm: Jones and Barnard

  • 4.15pm: Elite Dance Academy

  • 4.35pm: Carlos Airhead

  • 5.05pm: Lyra Starr

  • 5.35pm: Jones and Barnard

  • 7pm: Rachel Palmer

  • 7.20pm: Guy Surtees

  • 7.40pm: QUINNY

  • 8pm: Robert James Grey

  • 8.20pm: Nicole Blakk

  • 8.40pm: Matt Cattell

  • 9pm: Danny Ansell

Sunday, July 7

  • 12.30pm: Elite Dance Academy

  • 12.50pm: Solid Gold Fitness

  • 1.40pm: SK Shlomo: Beatbox Adventure for Kids

  • 2.50pm: Elite Dance Academy

  • 3.20pm: Dr Ranjs Teddy Bear Hospital

  • 3.55pm: Solid Gold Fitness

  • 4.35pm: Elite Dance Academy

  • 5.05pm: Dr Ranjs Teddy Bear Hospital

  • 5.40pm: Solid Gold Fitness

Cov Stage

Friday, July 5

  • 6.05pm: Poisonous Apple

  • 6.35pm: Chrissie Dux

  • 7.05pm: Me, Myself and Ay

  • 7.35pm: Love and Madness All Stars

  • 8.05pm: Pandora

  • 8.35pm: Boy Who Invented Everything ft. Mamajay!

  • 9.15pm: Phoenix From The Ashes

Saturday, July 6

  • 12.30pm: Stylus Boy

  • 1pm: Ruth Kelly

  • 1.30pm: Monday Nights

  • 2pm: Ace Ambrose

  • 2.30pm: Duck Thieves

  • 3.15pm: Caitlin McCarthy

  • 4pm: Thea Watson

  • 4.45pm: Candid

  • 5.40pm: DJ Trevor

  • 7pm: The Lloyd McGrath Collective

  • 8pm: Duke Keats

  • 9.05pm: Roddy Radiation and The Skabilly Rebels

Sunday, July 7

  • 12.30pm: Kyle Boswell

  • 1pm: Izzie Derry

  • 1.30pm: Shanade

  • 2pm: Feisty

  • 2.30pm: Washinton x Bridge

  • 3.40pm: Bar Pandora

  • 4.40pm: Blush Puppy

Cov ConneX Kingston Stage

Friday, July 5

  • 6.10pm: NQ Legacy Presents: DJ Kish

  • 6.40pm: NQ Legacy Presents: DJ Fya

  • 7.15pm: DJ Nay

  • 7.55pm: DJ Bengeezee

  • 8.35pm: DJ Mikee Silk

  • 9.20pm: Drxse

Saturday, July 6

  • 12pm: DJ Liney

  • 12.40pm: M Juggs

  • 1.10pm: Studio X Takeover

  • 2.20pm: Nicole Blakk

  • 2.50pm: Candy_Mosha

  • 3.10pm: Nyotaa

  • 3.40pm: Changing TraX Presents R2GII

  • 4.50pm: Cosmos Zero and The People

  • 5.30pm: Fyah Kamp Presents: Vince, Hastothe1, HAZZ

  • 6.30pm: ODE Takeover

Sunday, July 7

  • 12pm: Eddie Goodtimes

  • 1.10pm: DJ Smokes

  • 1.50pm: Scarlett May

  • 2.20pm: Keziah

  • 3.35pm: Mission Irie

  • 4.15pm: SHINE-I

  • 4.55pm: DJ Kat The Kat-A-Lyst

  • 5.35pm: DJ Steppa Movements

Resonate Stage

Friday, July 5

  • 6.15pm: Ranger

  • 7pm: Swift Café Junction

  • 7.30pm: Lucent

  • 8pm: Sweet Caporal

  • 8.30pm: Zaruna

  • 9.15pm: The Caroline Bomb

Saturday, July 6

  • 1.45pm: Hands Off

  • 2.15pm: Oisin

  • 2.30pm: Box 'N' Jam

  • 2.45pm: DJ Grace

  • 3.15pm: J Lanez

  • 3.45pm: D.C.

  • 4.15pm: Leo

  • 4.45pm: Jugz

  • 5.15pm: DJ TJ

  • 6pm: Skatta

  • 6.45pm: Risata K

  • 7.30pm: Rafferty DJ

  • 8.15pm: Cazzy and W111Z

  • 9.15pm: KAP ft. DJ Newton

Sunday, July 7

  • 1.45pm: Oles Stefanyk

  • 2.15pm: Roe McDonnell

  • 2.45pm: Gina Meredith

  • 3.15pm: DJ Gladstone

  • 3.45pm: Willow

  • 4.30pm: Eliza May

  • 5.15pm: Serena Jasmine

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