Godzilla X Kong's Adam Wingard Has Finally Shown Off The Cat That Inspired That Colosseum Moment, And They're As Adorable As You'd Expect

 Pink Godzilla in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.
Pink Godzilla in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, which some would argue is the MonsterVerse’s best film, has become a roaring (pun intended) success. It has raked in cash at the box office globally and has received mostly positive responses from general audiences. Director Adam Wingard put a lot of time and effort into his latest monster flick, and that’s especially true in regard to the eponymous kaiju. Amid the film’s release, he revealed that his cat actually inspired the film’s colosseum moment involving the titular, giant lizard. Now, Wingard has revealed his little feline to the public, and they’re as adorable as you’d expect.

There are a couple of sequences in the 2024 new movie release that see Godzilla doing battle with creatures in Rome. Afterwards, the exhausted behemoth makes his way into the colosseum, where he curls up for a nap. While speaking with CinemaBlend, Adam Wingard discussed the adorable connection that his cat has to that moment. Apparently, his furry friend, Mischief, moves in the same way when they’re getting prepared to catch some shut-eye. The director, who also helmed 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, had yet to actually show his pet, however. That is, until now.

The official Instagram account for the recently released Godzilla x Kong dropped an image of Mischief, and the cat just looks too cute. The snapshot shows the little, black ball of fur looking comfy while sitting on a chair. And, appropriately, they’re accompanied by a little toy of the King of the Monsters, which is in a similar position. The post’s carousel also includes a still from the motion picture, which shows the character lying in the Roman landmark. Take a look and see just how similar the sleeping stances are:

If you ask me, those are very similar and, quite frankly, I love that the director took direct inspiration from his cat when developing that sequence. People do say that inspiration can come from a multitude of sources, and pets can certainly provide creative sparks, whether they mean to or not. Aside from that, I just can’t stop gazing at that little one and those big eyes. To be honest, I’m more of a dog person myself but would be lying if I said Mischief hasn’t stolen my heart.

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Godzilla and Kong roaring in desert in The New Empire
Godzilla and Kong roaring in desert in The New Empire

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Considering how important the kaiju are to this film and the MonsterVerse as a whole, one can understand why Adam Wingard and co. put so much effort into making them feel tangible. A lot of moviemaking magic was required on that part as well, as motion capture performances and keyframe animation methods were used. Production, on that front, was also helped along by tech used on Avatar: The Way of Water. It was crucial for all of the beasts to feel dynamic and expressive, especially since they had a number of dialogue-less scenes to themselves that didn’t involve the human players.

One could argue that the creative team’s work was not in vain, as Godzilla x Kong crushed at the box office during its first weekend. It currently has a global cume of over $485 million and seems set to hit the $500 million mark before its theatrical run is over. Plans for a sequel have yet to be officially announced, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if one ends up getting the green light sooner rather than later.

Regardless of what lies ahead though, Mischief has now firmly cemented themself within the history of this franchise. Chances are fans won’t soon forget those moments that involve Godzilla in the colosseum. And Adam Wingard himself can rest easy knowing that his movie is not only a financial success but that his little fur baby is getting some sweet kudos from fans.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is still playing in theaters now, so you can see the sweet colosseum scenes on the big screen for yourself. Past installments in the MonsterVerse are also available to stream with a Max subscription.