Gogglebox Fans 'Outraged' After Cast Joke About United Airlines Scandal

Look, we’re all guilty of perhaps saying things we don’t mean when we’re watching telly. Think of all the idle threats you’ve made when watching Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan shows up!

Thankfully, our tasteless jokes aren’t filmed and transmitted to an audience of thousands every week. Unlike the Gogglebox cast, some of whom have landed in hot water this weekend after Channel 4 broadcast a pretty insensitive joke.

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Leeds sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner were watching news footage about the United Airlines scandal, which saw a passenger, Dr David Dao, dragged off a plane in America, bloodied and bruised.

After watching news footage of the 69- year-old being assaulted, Ellie told her sister:“Oh my god. That would make an amazing Snapchat story.”

“That would be straight on my story” Izzi agreed.

Really guys? REALLY?

“What caption would you do? – ‘When they tell you no booze left on the flight’” Izzi continued.


Making matters worse, the official Gogglebox twitter account then tweeted a reference to the girl’s joke, writing: “When they tell you no booze left on the flight” including the hashtags #SnapchatStory, #UnitedAirlines and #Gogglebox.

For crying out loud, guys.

Copyright: [Twitter]

Somewhat unsurprisingly, viewers were a little bit peeved at the gaffe, and took to Twitter to express their anger at the show.

Heather Capper wrote: ‘This is disgusting! Cannot believe that that #channel4 would allow such a tweet #Gogglebox #shouldbeashamed’

Whilst another, AJ Nash, wrote ‘Not remotely funny. Channel 4 should not have aired that and the girls should have more respect. I have just switched off #Gogglebox’.

Neither the girls or the show are yet to comment publicly about the comments – so let’s just wait and see if this all blows over for the show…

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