Gogglebox star Giles' alarming marriage update with 'incompatible' wife Mary

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox
-Credit: (Image: Channel 4)

Gogglebox's cherished couple Giles and Mary tied the knot 30 years ago and have since won over the nation during their nine-year stint broadcasting from their beloved 'The Grottage'.

Notorious for their unfiltered musings on the hit show, Channel 4 viewers might be surprised to learn that their life away from the cameras is rather low-key. In a revealing interview with The Idler magazine, Giles Wood reflected on the solitude of rural living in Wiltshire, having grown up in North Staffordshire.

Giles was born in Stoke-on-Trent and family fireplace business, S.A. Wood and Sons, was based in Regent Road, Hanley. It is believed Giles is also related to the founders of Wood & Sons, a pottery firm which was set up in Burslem in the 18th century.

He attended the independent Shrewsbury School and lived in Keele. He then moved to the hustle and bustle of London to attend Wimbledon School of Art where, in 1980, he met Mary, a model.

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But for the last 30 years, they have enjoyed a peaceful life in the countryside - which they admit has sometimes put a strain on their marriage.

Giles found the transition out of lockdown particularly challenging, saying: "You see, I've had six months of not talking to anyone. That's the thing about living in the country, who do you talk to?"

He voiced his grief over the loss of community spots, pondering aloud: "The pub's shut. I don't go to church. Who am I supposed to talk to?"

And when asked if he speaks to his wife, Mary, Giles humorously retorted: "Mary hardly talks to me, we're incompatible."

Their conversations mostly circle around choosing what to watch on TV at night, with Giles admitting: "We're distracting our lives away."

This insight echoes past comments, such as Mary's description of Giles: "The thing about Giles is he's 48% bad but 52% good. It gets worse every year."

At present, fans are missing the pair as the Gogglebox cast enjoys a break after the end of series 23, while Celebrity Gogglebox currently occupies the Friday evening schedule on Channel 4, with the regular cast set to return this September, reports the Mirror.

Mary recently opened up about the "dismal ending" of her childhood home, which she claimed fell prey to "vandals" before being demolished.

The columnist, who has been a familiar face on Channel 4's show alongside Giles since 2015, delved into her past in their book 'Country Life'. Initially released last year, the book is now set for a paperback reissue.

In 'Country Life', where the couple "share their hard-earned lessons" from rural living, one tale that has caught recent media attention is Mary's early years in Northern Ireland. She reportedly spent her childhood in Larne and later made the move to London at 18.

OK! magazine covered Mary's recollections of her family home, situated beside a church, where her GP father practised. She recounted how it was targeted by "vandals" and eventually razed.

In the book, Mary described the attacks: "Vandals broke in and tried to set fire to it on more than one occasion. They broke a stained-glass window on the landing just out of malice, not because they needed to come through that window."

She lamented the decision to destroy the house: "The church said they had no option but to bulldoze the lovely property."

Mary also reflected on the house's significance: "It was a dismal ending for a house that had been of such service to both medical and social life - the centre of so many parties given by my parents."

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